Monday, April 6, 2015

Some Fun Details Today!

The painting of the "stones" went much better and lots easier than I'd expected! I used a very warm, light grey and a soft neutral brown color, then applied with part of an old kitchen sponge. I like that the colors blend in with the shed rather than competing with the cheerful green color.

I had lots of leftover grout from doing the laundry room several years ago. It's the powdered stuff with tint already in it. I mixed up a batch and then put it into an old frosting gun with a very small tip. This worked great, as I just traced the grout lines, then went back over them later with a soft sponge to help the grout look better. I then did an all over wash with a soft cloth several times.

Overall, I like the look, and will be even happier as soon as the embellish the grout lines with moss.

I really hate sitting there when I am waiting for paint or glue to dry - mini minutes are precious time!!! During the down time on the rock paint and grout, I began to make the potting bench for inside the shed.

A gluing jig and misc extra wood is a blessing! Especially when my brain is firing on all cylinders! 

Almost done!

Now it just needs a couple coats of shabby looking paint and some adorable accessories!

I wish it was tomorrow already!

But then, I do have my adorable husband to snuggle up with, so maybe I shouldn't be so hasty...

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