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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Den Of Thieves

Hello mini friends! It is I, your long lost fellow mini nut! It's only been two and a half weeks since my last post, but it feels like ages! June came and went like a thief, taking my PC down for 10 days, denting my hope in humanity and stealing my productivity with it. I am (gratefully) back up and running, and though I don't have much to show for my time, I thought I'd share the minuscule progress on Lisa's Country Cottage anyway.

Keeping with the yellow theme for Vera's cottage, I began laying out the wall design with wallpaper, trims and mat board panels that I cut using the Maker. The wallpaper is from Itsy Bitsy Mini's Oopsy Daisy design.

Though these are technically "new construction" cottages, I think I want to make them look a little lived in. So I added a bit of highlighting to the wallpaper and wood work with a shade darker yellow mixed with some glaze. It'll be an ongoing process until I find the sweet spot.

I got all of the interior window trim measured and cut, and then sanded, painted and installed. I am glad that there are only four windows and one door in each of these cottages because windows can be a lot of time robbing work!

I debated on the type of flooring to use for the cottages. I considered egg carton stone, vinyl tile, wood or a combination of all three. In the end, I went with Houseworks Southern Pine wood flooring, stained cherry, throughout. I was already having a challenging month and I didn't want to pile more stress on top of myself. I won't say too much because this is supposed to be a fun blog. I will only say that because of real life thieves, Russ and I were not receiving any income for six weeks. Hackers and identity thieves crippled Washington State's Unemployment Insurance system stealing over 650 million dollars. As a result, all payments stopped to people until their identities could be confirmed. This took training 50 National Guardsmen and six weeks in our case. Some poor families are still waiting. Thank God, though, that we qualify for unemployment. No one is spending money to build or remodel right now in such uncertain times.

I'm waiting to glue the roof and structure to the base until I think I am finished with the hard to reach aspects.

For now, Vera's cottage is on hold until I catch up on Virgil's. At least I have a direction to go in... Blue!

Although it was largely frightening, worrisome and challenging, June's story ended on a happy note. We got paid, my PC got repaired, our daughter got moved and settled in to a new place and I even got in to (finally) see the eye doctor for new glasses. All is well that ends well, and if this last few months has taught me anything, it's to be ready for anything and that this too shall pass - eventually! Let's just hope that July is much kinder and more predictable for everyone!

xo xo,

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Meet Vera and Virgil... and the Lavender Vanity Drawing Winner!

Hello everyone! It's been a busy 10 days and I am in shock that June is half way over already! And kind of relieved that 2020 is half over, too. What a challenging year, so far! I sure hope that 2021 will be much kinder to all of us! Let's focus on the positive, though, and enjoy a little bit of mini happiness!

Meet Vera and Virgil

Vera and Virgil are the mice who will be taking up residence in each of the two Lisa's Country Cottage kits. They are next door neighbors who are courting one another, and are engaged in budding love. With new homes to look forward to and getting to know one another, it's an exciting time for them! As their names suggest, they are old fashioned to the core and will be taking things as slow as molasses on a cold winter's day. :O)

Speaking of slow... I have been making slow progress on the yellow cottage. I bet you won't be surprised to know that the yellow cottage will be Vera's. Can you guess the color theme for Virgil's cottage? :O)
I started by painting the windows and doors, finishing the pop outs with T-111 like siding, and using the Cricut to create a fun texture stencil for the gables.

Here's how the facade is coming along. The main body of the cottage will be finished in clapboard siding but not until I have the interior painted, papered, floored and trimmed.

A little more about Vera and Virgil...

The creator of these precious needle felted critters is Yuliya of WoolenBoutiqueUa on Etsy. I contacted her about a mice couple that she had listed and asked if it was possible to have clothing done for them in yellow and blue. She happily agreed and knitted them new sweaters. She also made the adorable and color perfect dress for Vera at no extra charge! And then shipped them lightning fast! Her pricing was so affordable and the shipping charge was so reasonable, especially since there was tracking the entire way from Kherson, Ukraine.

Original Listing Clothing 

After Yellow and Blue Request

 When they arrived, they were wrapped in a box in beautiful wrapping paper and finished off with a bow! So thoughtful!

They stand on their own by adjusting their wired tails, and the craftsmanship and finishing are excellent. Look at those whiskers and the tiny wooden heart buttons! I love them, and based on my experience, can't recommend Yuliya's work highly enough. She has a nice variety of mice and other animals, and her costuming is charmingly detailed.

I am excited about continuing work on the cottages for Vera and Virgil so that they can get settled in and start living their dreams! Now that they are here, I'm sure I'll get lots of input on their wants and needs. Hopefully, each cottage will be novel enough and will reflect each of their unique personalities!

But first... We have a drawing to get to!!!

I'd like to thank each of the 53 entrants and also each of the followers who come by to share this passion and it's seemingly never ending excitement and creative possibilities with me!

~Thank You~!

I only wish I could show my gratitude by giving a mini treasure to everyone!

Drum roll...

And the winner is...

Congratulations Jocelyn Redmond!

I hope that you are more than delighted when
you receive your minis in person!

I have your email so will send you an email to get your address!

This was so much fun and thank you again to all who entered!

Come back soon and I will share my crazy 3D printed kitchen farmhouse sink disaster story and how Vera's little kitchen came to be!

Be safe and well, my friends, and with an open mind and a loving heart we'll get through this. And maybe even be better people for it. 💗

xo xo,

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Let's Have A Giveaway!

Hooray! My package of bottle caps arrived and so I could finally have a try at some better product bottles! That means it's finally time to give away the lavender vanity and bathroom decor set!

The new bottles look a bit more realistic, though I'll send both sets to the winner. Who doesn't need more bottles to fill up shelves and baskets?!?

Old version left, New version right.

Included in the set are Pillar Candles...

Framed and Matted Lavender Prints...

Basket of Guest Towels...

Matching Throw Rug

Heart Shaped Grapevine Wreath...

Vase of Lavender...

Farmhouse Vanity With Vessel Sink, Old Fashioned Taps and Modern Drain and Liquid Soap Dispenser...

And free shipping anywhere in the world to the winner...

What's the catch? What are the rules? Only that you move through this world in the spirit of kindness to all. Oh! And that you leave me a comment to let me know that you want a chance to win.

I'll draw a random winner of all comment entrants on Sunday, June 14th at 4:00 pm Pacific Time (US West Coast). This also happens to be Monkey Around Day, a day set aside to put down your troubles and worries and just have fun. It's also Father's Day here in the US. OOPS! Nope! It's actually the 3rd Sunday in June, so the 21st. Sorry!!!

If you are a person who has trouble leaving comments, you can enter by letting me know via email. jodihippler (at) gmail (dot) com.

May your kindness infect those you meet, whether virtually or in person, faster than any virus ever known to mankind. 💗💗💗

xo xo,