Saturday, April 4, 2015

On A Roll!

I absolutely LOVE this part of a miniature project. You know, the part where the ideas you've had in your mind are suddenly becoming a reality! The creative process is in full swing and everything you're doing is coming together nicely!

The house is quiet, just me (except my adorable beagle George who's curled up at my feet under the table) and some Sasquatch Chronicles podcasts. A perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

I've glued the walls and floor together then spackled the joints on the interior. Just have to do a little sanding and touch up paint inside.

I applied a coat of primer, then sanded the outside. Once that was finished I began to add the exterior trim pieces.

Next, I'll spackle, sand, prime one last time and then add the exterior base color. I just love being on a roll like this and making a dream into a reality! Feeling so blessed and so grateful to be able to accomplish the things I love to do!

More to come...

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