Thursday, April 2, 2015

Finally! It has arrived!

Waiting and waiting all day, trying to kill time however I could. Finally, it's 2:48 and I decide I can't keep farting around - I'm going crazy! So I go downstairs to my craft/hobby room, which is technically my dining room, or was before I got back into miniatures, so that I could just do SOMETHING until the FedEx Home guy comes with my HBS package! Mrs. Boyd, I apologize for the massive run on sentence. You taught me better than that...

FINALLY! I hear that long awaited squeak of protesting truck breaks I know so well! And it's the happiest sound of the day!

I can finally get started on Auntie Jackie's Potting Shed! Sand, primer, sand again. Then paint, wallpaper, wire and make floor tiles! I am always like a little kid at Disneyland the first day of a new project. Here we go!

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