Friday, April 3, 2015

Discovering My Miniature Muscles!

By the time I was able to get started on Auntie Jackie's Potting Shed today it was already noon!

The pieces I'd sanded and primed yesterday were dry and ready. I cut and applied  the wallpaper, which is actually scrapbook paper left over from another project.

 I like to paper and finish a good portion of the interior trim before I glue the walls and floors together. That way, once the walls are up I can spackle a little and just touch up the paint. In this project, which is the Little Shop Kit form Hobby Builders Supply , it's not that hard to reach in to trim out the interior as it is with some larger kits, but it's a habit I've created and continue to employ.

So after I'd affixed the wallpaper, I measured and cut bead board (actually corrugated card stock leftover from making blinds in the little beach cottage). Then I measured and cut the baseboard, chair rail trim, window and door trim and the crown molding. I did a light initial sanding down with a paper lunch bag, then primed all the pieces.

As I was finishing my right shoulder blade started to ache a little. That's when I remembered that my mini muscles have had a long break since the last project. It's going to take a few weeks of conditioning before I'm back in shape again!

Until then, it's lots of coffee breaks and ibuprofen for me!

Just 5 more minutes of Pinterest surfing and then I'll sand and apply the actual paint to the trim. More updates to follow...

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