Tuesday, March 31, 2015


You know that feeling when something really wonderful is about to happen? You've dreamed of the thing, you've planned it all out, tried to think of everything, could think of nothing else for days? Well, that's where I'm at - gripped by anticipation!

For Christmas 2013 I had made dollhouses that were also lamps for both my parents. Dad's was a fishing cabin made from a kit I'd had for a couple years called Lisa's Country Cottage (can't believe I didn't take a photo). Mom's was the Charming Cottage kit from the 2013 HBS Creatin' Contest. It turned out to be her dream beach cottage.

They both loved them, and it was such a great feeling to see them like "oooh look at this", and "wow did you make that". Yep, they were giddy like I am with minis and it was awesome to recruit them to the dark side!

So my crazy fun auntie Jackie comes to visit from Southern California last summer, sees them at my moms, and says "oh I want one". Well, it just so happens shes got a 70th birthday in June, so making something for her now seems apropos.

She loves flowers and cats - trust me. I had to water for her and help her feed and capture and fix all the strays in Orange County when I lived there after high school. Her little sports car smelled like Friskies and if the drive was very long you did too. Cats would follow you and stuff...

Anyway... I decided a potting shed would just tickle her. Can't be too big as she lives in Leisure World and her place is very compact. She does have a screened in porch tho, so I thought something to hang on the porch wall would be perfect!

I've plotted, I've planned, I've checked and restocked my craft inventory. I waited for the 20% coupon from HBS and ordered what I needed. I've checked all the measurements time and again. I scoured every craft drawer and cupboard and pulled anything I could come up with an idea for. AND NOW I'M JUST WAITING FOR MY PACKAGE!!!

It's supposed to be here Thursday... Two more days!!! Now if only I can keep myself occupied.

I'll post progress pics in the Aunt Jackie's Potting Shed page. Stay tuned!

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