Friday, December 16, 2016

Just Checking In...

Congratulations to all of the participants in this year's HBS Creatin' Contest. I know that we are all so excited to finally be able to see everyone's secret entries! No doubt there will be incredibly creative ideas and some amazing mini works of art. I wish all of the entrants the best of luck!

I've managed to keep myself busy in the 21 day absence of my wonderful husband, but am excited to report that he is on his way home for the weekend! He'll have to head back up to the job site for final inspections Sunday night, but I should have him back home for good next Thursday - just in time for Christmas!

This is about where I've gotten to this week on my kitchen-scene-in-a-cookbook (of course I had to do one for me, too). The (not so) secret one from my last post is just about completed. A special little detail is in a package from New Orleans. It was supposed to arrive Monday, but it somehow ended up in Opa Locka, FL! It stopped in Montgomery, AL for a visit too! This is it's ninth day in the mail. I sure hope it arrives in one (or two) piece/s!

I have lots still to make and to add, but I am loving the vintage colors! The bottle tells me that this is celery green, but come on! It's totally avocado!

I hope to fit Nancy's wonderful succulent kit into the queue soon, too! She wasn't sure about the green colored leaves, so she sent me a white set, as well! I have enough to make 14 adorable succulents - I'll need every one to fill up the upcoming flower shop project. Can't wait to get started on both!

I hope you have a happy, happy weekend and get to enjoy all that the season has to offer. A hot buttered rum sounds just about perfect to me!