Wednesday, January 6, 2016

You Know Have Miniature Madness If...

The more mini blogs and forum posts I read, the more I realize that those of us that are passionate about miniatures share a multitude of... We'll just call them traits. Some of them may seem a little more crazed than others, unless you have it, too. Then they are perfectly normal. To sort this out, see if you can relate to any of these.

You know that you have miniature madness:
  • If you'd rather have a miniature Coach handbag than a real sized one.
  • If you plan stops on vacation so that you can visit a shop or anything miniature related.
  • If your Home Depot list consists of more things for your miniature projects than you real life sized ones.
  • If all of your pajamas have permanently stuck on glue globs and paint the colors of your last 10 projects.
  • If you have purchased items already for the next 10 mini ideas in your head.
  • If you feel guilty about all of the shipping boxes you accumulate, even though you recycle every one.
  • If the majority of your internet Favorites links are miniature related.
  • If your mini houses have better furniture than your real life house.
  • If you'd rather remodel your mini kitchen than your real life kitchen.
  • If you've run out of storage and have to conceal your hoard from the "normal" people.
  • If you visit a new blog or miniature supply website and end up in a rabbit hole that traps you for an entire Saturday.
  • If you've ever taken a day off work just to finish up a mini project that you are excited about.
  • If tools are on your wish lists.
  • If you love shopping for your mini projects as much as you love doing them.
  • If you've ever purchased the same thing several times because you could not find the original.
  • If you've ever tried to explain your brilliance to a non miniaturist and received the deer in headlights look.
  • If you've ever emptied out and dug through the vacuum bag grossness because you heard a noise that may have been a miniature.
  • If you've ever used a mini clamp to hold back your hair, then realized it at the grocery store.
If you have identified yourself with at least 5 of these, you definitely have it. Less? Don't worry, you are reading this blog so you are on your way. More? At least you're not alone.

There must be a million more that I could not think of in this sitting. List them in the comments if you have a good one! I am just so happy to know that there are others like me that are as consumed with miniatures and the madness it creates, but that still love every moment of it!