Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Thanks I'm Giving

Today I had an epiphany. Wholeheartedly I realized that my wonderful 28 year old daughter is all grown up. I never had any doubt about her, because she has always been the kind of person who will take on any challenge and excel at it. I am just so proud of who she has become.

She is a beautiful and vivacious chemistry nerd, but when she graduated Summa Cum Laudy from Portland State University I was still kind of worried about her street smarts. With school and pursuits of the mind she is excellent. But real life? I guess it's normal for mom's to worry. We always see our kids as our babies. How would she manage her adult life? Beautifully, that's how she's done it!

She commutes each weekday by bus or train to her job downtown where she plays with things like pipettes and lasers. She's using her love of chemistry and her analytical mind to help make the world a better place. She has Blue Apron delivered a few times a week, so that when she gets home from her long day saving the world, she can make a gourmet meal for herself and her fiance, who is an engineering student.

Today she stopped by with a car load of groceries. Groceries for the Thanksgiving dinner that she is going to make at my house. She is so excited and organized about doing it that she sent me her meal prep and grocery spreadsheet. It just tickles me! She's been like this since she was 3. She had to know everything about everything and then master it all. Remember when you were excited about cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

She shared a blog post with me that she said inspired her to master Thanksgiving. I thought all of you might also get a laugh out of it. Heck - maybe you'll even use the spreadsheet! Just plug in the time guests will be arriving, and the spreadsheet tells you when to start cooking! :0)

Thanksgiving For Nerds

This year part of the Thanks I will be Giving, is for the opportunity I've had to raise such an amazing young woman. Thank you my beautiful girl, for growing into such an incredible gift to the world and to me!


  1. This hits home for me, I know exactly what you mean. My 24 year old daughter became a licensed RN this spring, got a good job, and is in the process of buying her first car, and just put an offer on her own house. It's been a lot of fun watching her research everything and make choices, and I'm so proud of her.

    Your daughter and she sound a lot alike. Congrats for raising such a great kid. :)

  2. Her first house!!! That is so exciting, and what an adorable house, too! My husband and I got a great chuckle when you said she was such a tiny little person! I bet she'll have all of the neighbors mowing her lawn for her in no time! Congrats to you, both! What an exciting time to share with each other!!!