Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wall Coverings

Today was all about wall coverings...

I started with the bedroom walls by applying a couple coats of honeycomb paint. The wood strips I'm using as the wall treatment are very thin and they tend to curl when I apply the glue. Some glues are worse than others, so I used Grandmother Stover's. I'd apply a few strips and then clamp them for a while before doing the next section.

I could only do half of the french door wall, because I can't cover the tapewire until I attach the front wall/roof and tie into the taperun. I did cut the pieces, tho, so it will be a lot easier when it's time to paste and clamp them in.

I like the contrast in the wood strips. It gives it a nice reclaimed wood look. I'm not sure yet if I'll do any staining, or just a varnish. One of my wall plugs is crooked. Good thing there will be a nightstand in front of it!

You can never have enough clamps!

This is the bedroom side of the wall. The bathroom is on the other side.

The kitchen wallpaper has also been installed on all three walls.

The next step will be to stain all of the windows, doors and trim. It will be a lot easier to trim out the dormers before I attach it to the front. This means I have a major clean up and reorganization project before I can start the stain. My dining room is a mess, and I'll need my entire table to turn into a stain factory.

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