Thursday, July 9, 2015

Technology Trouble...

I seem to be having one of those months where anything electronic goes wrong. Last week, our Wi-Fi just stopped working. I finally tracked it down to the Linksys wireless router. Well, it is over 5 years old, so maybe it was time to replace it...

I ordered a new one from Amazon. Because of having Amazon Prime, it would only take 2 days to get here. In the meantime, I just linked up to Russ' Verizon hotspot and we were back in business...

The router arrives, I go to set it up, and it wants me to plug it into my computer using the ethernet cable. What! Did I really order a non wireless router? Damn it! I did! Arghhhh...

While on one of the many trips upstairs to the router (where the cable modem lives) I realized I had the old power cord. The old router was plugged in with the new power cord, and suddenly, it was working again! All of this for a bad power cord? Back to Amazon the new router goes, order a new power cord for the old one and wait 2 days again.

In the meantime, my computer is running really loud. And, suddenly it just shuts itself off. It did this about 2 years ago, too. The video card was full of dust and was unable to cool itself off. This would heat up the CPU to a dangerous level, and as a safety feature, so as not to fry the motherboard, it shuts itself off.

I spent the next 2 days computer shopping online, only to realize that my computer is still better than anything out there under $1,500. Then I began looking for a replacement video card and finding that mine is still better than most mid-level gaming cards. Time to pop open my tower and see what's what.

20 minutes and 12 screws later I found the problem; a dust ball festival was in full swing in the copper cooling unit of the fan on the video card. I feel kind of bad that I had to destroy a whole colony of dust mites, but my computer is back to quick, quiet bliss!

Then Russ' new iPhone and iPad arrive. Let's just say we've been working on setting it up since last Friday. Wiped the phone clean and started over 3 times. All the information from the old phone is living somewhere on a cloud, but the new phone can't seem to find it. 2 days with tech support, and there are still issues.

But... 2 days ago, I go to print a letter I had written to one of Russ' old school friends (who just happens to reside where you can't get emails ) and I'm out of black ink. Again, Amazon Prime saves me. I can wait 2 days to print.

Finally, today at 2:00 the ink arrives. I pop it in the old HP All In One (that's been a royal pain in the @$$ since I bought it), and immediately it gives me an error code. I get my Google on, find a dozen pages on the issue, and 2 hours later the printer still does not like its own HP ink cartridge. Arghhhh!

1. Return the ink cartridges to Amazon
2. Order highly rated $100 Canon all in one (plus extra ink)
3. Buy the extra 3 year warranty for $8
4. Wait 2 days...

Oh God I hope this ends soon!!! Anyone want to come over and help me Office Space the old printer?

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