Monday, April 13, 2015

Work Before Play...

Today is all about cleaning and organizing my dining and living rooms. Since my dining room is really my craft room, it really needed to be organized after finishing up Auntie Jackie's Potting Shed.

We hardly ever use the living room, which is sad because it is really beautiful! We usually hang out in the family room, because it's right next to the kitchen and we really like to eat a lot. Plus, it has a TV.

When my grown son said he needed a sofa, it sparked an idea - what if I moved my office to the living room, which connects to the dining room. It would be so much more convenient! I use my computer as my sort of Control Center, so I am here a lot. I also use my computer frequently for crafting ideas or making printies. If my craft room and computer were 10 feet from each other, it would save me many trips up and down the stairs every day! And, I could give the comfy corduroy sofa to my son so there'd be room for my office stuff. Win-win!

So... That means I have to clean out the living room, dust vacuum, clean carpets etc. Then do the same to the dining room. Then move what's staying into it's new place, then clean and organize my office area before bringing all of that down to the living room. Whew! Sometimes my "good ideas" really create a lot of work for me! Hopefully, this is one idea I'll reap many rewards from!

My next mini project is just waiting for me to start it, so hopefully I'll be getting to that sometime this week!

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