Monday, April 6, 2015

Recycling Day!

It seems like the common theme running through the day is recycling! Aside from it being our actual recycling day in my neighborhood, everything I've touched on Auntie Jackie's Potting Shed today is derived from something created for something else.

I was rummaging through my desk drawer a couple weeks ago, and came across some little black rubber pieces. For the life of me I have no idea what they were for and why they ended up in the drawer. The great thing tho was that as I pulled them out of the drawer a tiny gate remote control battery had gotten stuck in the end of one. I immediately thought GARDEN HOSE SPRAYER! A piece of an old Chrysnbon stove kit, a shrink tube, a bead finding and some green wire later and now I have a wonderful garden hose!

A screw came out of an old pair of glasses I'd had from several prescriptions ago. I stuck them aside thinking someday they may be useful.  As I was making space in by bins I took a closer look at them with my mini eye. Suddenly, I realized I had the perfect garden hose reel, too! It was the piece that sits on your nose. Add to that a scrapbooking plastic scroll work piece painted black and now I'll have a fancy and more realistic looking reel and hose for FREE!

Some other mini junk drawer items got a fresh coat of paint to make a candle holder, hanging light fixtures and some wall decor. I also found an old watch that will make a perfect shabby chic wall clock! If I replace the battery it will actually work, too!

The piece of scrap walnut wood flooring turned out just how I'd hoped after a heavy sanding and some whitewashing.

I've never tried the egg carton tile or brick idea before, but taking chances is part of the fun of working in miniature (as opposed to experimenting in real life). So, I've laid out the pattern and glued them down to the porch. This afternoon I'll be experimenting with getting just the right paint colors on them. I might try some artists chalk too, to help vary the color.

According to Connie at My Miniatures, after they are painted and sealed you just grout them like other tile work. Wish me luck!

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