Wednesday, February 6, 2019

You Know You're A Bear When...

Hello dear friends! I have let another couple weeks slip by without checking in, except the odd comment on your blogs or replies to comments on mine. Just wanted to stop by today to say that I have nothing much to show for my time, just a few kits, a couple attempted tutorials, and a bunch of projects in various stages of doing (which are waiting for some motivation). I just can't seem to get into the groove, and my body is telling me it's time to hibernate!

First, the kits. I started off by completing a sewing box kit from Jean Day. She has really nice feminine kits, artwork and doilies in many scales, so stop by her Etsy shop and daydream! I really enjoyed making the sewing kit, and there is so much stuff in it that your sewing box will overflow like mine! I even have leftovers to use in other projects!

Next up was a collection of Dragonfly International kits. I just love these laser cut kits because they are so easy to do and to customize, and Deb's site is so full of fun stuff to shop for! The candy box kit and purse kit were super fun!

The lady's screen kit got a whole new life as a fireplace screen. It was fun to customize it for the cottage living room!

I have a lot of bookshelf space in the living room and bedroom alcove, although a lot of it is allocated for delicate knick knacks. Not knowing exactly how many books I'd want on the shelves, I used part of the materials in a book making kit by L. Delaney on Etsy. I only made 27 of them. I've made plenty of mini books for my projects over time, but her method is quite interesting.

I've had these chipboard suitcase kits from Alpha Stamps for quite some time. They were originally intended to go into the flower shops a couple years ago. They don't come with instructions, but I am sure one of their staff crafters has a blog post about it somewhere. I just winged it, and since they are going to be filler pieces I wasn't too concerned about detail. They were fun though seem to need more shabbiness.

I made the laser cut side table kit (MenutmonShop Etsy but no longer selling?) and pitcher kit (Angie Scarr), both of which need to be painted. As do the coffee table, chair, dresser, nightstand and vanity set. We had snow here the last couple of days, with more predicted for the weekend, so spray painting is on hold for a while.

I have plenty to keep me busy - just making the replacement fabric panels to recover the chair is enough for hours!

And I can always dust off my sewing machine and begin making the cushions, bedding and pillows - Oh Brother!!! That's going to require an excavation!

I did make a few styles and sizes of shopping bags for the lady of the cottage using Julie Warren's Bag Tutorial as a guide.

But I still need to make the apron for the kitchen. I also have several flower kits that need to be made up for filling pitchers and vases...

I know what to do and how to do most of it, so what's the problem?...

I feel lazy, I am hungry and I want a nap. Yep - I must be a bear!

Hopefully, it'll pass quicker than winter.

Have a great week!

xo xo,

Friday, January 25, 2019

It's Tea Time!

Before I share some photos of the Storybook Cottage's completed kitchen, I want to mention that I have an iPhone 6s Plus which is my only device for taking photos. It is over 6" tall and 3" wide. Some of my favorite shots are the ones I manage to take through the doorways. This has become much easier since our clever friend Keli recommended getting a Bluetooth Selfie Stick with a remote shutter control. This makes it so all you have to fit into the confined spaces of a dollhouse is the camera on the stick, and not your giant hand. I find it nearly impossible to hold the camera with one hand and somehow press the shutter button with a finger of that hand while still keeping the phone steady and seeing the display to know what you are shooting. This bluetooth device removes the need for that acrobatic feat. Having said that, I still find it difficult to get enough light into the rooms to take photos without creating annoying shadows. This gloomy time of year it is even more challenging. So please forgive me some of the photos - they are literally the best I can do. :O)

These shots are looking through the dining room door into the sink's bay window. I have added the herbs in their cute little pots and a few teapots and things. There's a copper overhead battery powered light, and you'll notice, no window coverings. I decided if I can't decide it's best to make no decision at all!  Though I do reserve the right to change my mind! :O)

Going around the kitchen counter clock wise...

Scattered around the room are various Valerie Casson tea pots. See if you can spot them!


Teresa Welch - The China Closet
Ina Williams Tea Set

Elizabeth of Studio E
Mike Sparrow Tea Strainer

Janice Crowley Tea Set

Veronique Cornish Tea Set

Victoria Fasken Tea Set
Mini Gio Pot Holders
Ann Giling Pot Holders
For the center island hanging pot rack, I took a common utensil hanger and added chain so that our little lady can reach the copper cookware (Jason Getzan).

The little crochet market bag is made by Ann Giling. It's a small wonder! The crock is Alex Meiklejohn but I'll not mention where I bought it so as to save you from what would likely be a very bad experience.

In this photo I have added the hanging gadget chain. These were pot metal minis painted to match the kitchen's color scheme. Each one is hung on the chain with a tiny jump ring. With a small kitchen and an owner who loves to cook, space saving ideas are always welcomed!

Here I've added the copper battery powered hanging light fixture.

Here is the center prep table with the extra shelf I needed to add. There were just too many wonderful little things for the kitchen, and one bottom shelf wasn't enough!

As you can see, our little tea loving resident also has a sweet tooth! The cake in the back left is made by Elizabeth of Studio E and my photo simply does not do it justice! It looks delectable and is so well done I literally salivate every time I see it!

The frosted bundt cake, slices, frosting and muffins are made by Kim's Mini Bakery and the details are incredible!

Here's the little teacup shelf which is still waiting for it's apron. I have some little trims coming and I'm holding out until I have them. The two kind of largish cups and saucers are from Twelve Times More Tiny, The adorable pink mouse and strawberry teapots are made by Megan, the pink and green teacups and saucers on the middle shelf are the Chrysnbon ones I applied waterslide decals to, the bottom left is Keiser from Keli and the bottom right is Reutter. That gives you an idea of the range of sizes we encounter out there for 1/12th scale.

So that is the kitchen, and though I have left a few tiny spaces for future treasures, it is mostly done. I was a little hesitant at several points in this project about going shabby, girlie overload, but all I see now when I look at it is a fulfillment of my dreams and a place I plan to visit very often!

Now that I've got my mirror straight, and added the key into the lock as Marilyn so astutely suggested, here are a couple new photos of the hall tree/coat rack.

Lady figure by Kay Lewis
I hope you enjoyed your tour and that you'll stop by for some tea and treats any time you're in the neighborhood!

xo xo,