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For several weeks in the fall of 2015, I'd been busy learning about and iterating 1:12 scale items for 3D printing through Shapeways. I started out designing each piece for my Alki Point project. I thought it would be so much fun to decorate with stuff I actually made. I quickly got carried away! It is amazing that we now have the technology to create a piece on a computer, then actually see that idea come to life!

So far, my print tested inventory includes many lighting and plumbing fixtures, furniture, and decor accents. Before I made my items available to everyone, I wanted to make certain that they were:

1. Printable with no issues.
2. Looked in person the way I envisioned.
3. Were perfect 1:12 scale.
4. Functioned the way I intended.
5. Were used in an actual project where I could take "in Action" photos. I am still working on that!

This took a good deal of time and financial investment, but was well worth it! I feel confident in my designs, and have made them available in my Shapeways store. In the iteration process, I keep certain principals in practice so that my pieces are affordable. This means in the rendering photos you may see items stacked on top of one another. Saving printer space means the item costs less money. For items with many small parts, like my brunch set, Shapeways prints them inside of a material sack (sintershell) so that no pieces are lost. I have many more items in production or just waiting to be print tested, so check back often to see the new designs.

If you see an item that says First To Try, that indicates that it has not been successfully printed yet. Not to worry! There are a series of checks that have to happen even before an item is allowed to be available for sale. Once an item has met that criteria, it can be placed in my store. Once an item is ordered, it goes through another series of printability checks. If it does not pass, you are given a refund. Fortunately, none of my items has failed! Everything I have ordered has come in ready for me to paint, finish or just display!

I'd love to hear your constructive (please) feedback and suggestions for product improvements. If there is a need for an item that I have not filled yet, please tell me about it! I love a challenge! It would be so wonderful to see photos of how you used these pieces in your project. We are such a creative community, and everyone's ideas just tickle me!

Thanks for stopping in!

My Miniature Madness Shapeways Store


  1. I just found the Shapeways store yesterday!

  2. I love your organization efforts, and I just followed your blog (thought I had before but it has not shown up). I am doing the same in my dining/living rooms which I took over last spring as my work space. The hubs is taking out the carpet for me and putting in laminate so I don't have to shampoo the carpets every week anymore. Between my hobby and the new puppy the ease of cleaning the laminate will be appreciated! I think I am going to paint, too. I never have liked the shade of blue I ended up getting!