Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Starbucks at Pike Place

December of 2013 I used my Happy Birthday 25% off coupon from HBS to purchase the Street Of Shops. I had done all three shops in 2002-2003, but had a completely different vision for this set. I wanted to replicate what you might find in a block of shops in Pioneer Square or at the Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. Plus, I wanted to make almost everything myself!

I'll apologize now for some of the terrible picture quality. I left my "good" camera in the hotel room at McMennamin's when my daughter and I stayed there for her 25th birthday. All I had left was my iPhone 3g camera at the time. I now have an iPhone 5 and a GoPro, so all future photos should be much improved!

In this photo I'm employing my gluing jig as I build the display shelf.

Here it is as I dry fit into place. The front and back counter, as well as the restroom door were all made using 1/16th to 1/8th basswood.

A lot of my family and friends on Facebook have no idea about 1:12th scale. I took this photo to show a real life sized object so they'd have a comparison. I made the food display unit based on measurements I found from their distributor online (converted to scale, of course). It is also electrified using LED lighting strips. The wires are hidden under the wood flooring, which has a plug, which the unit plugs into.
All of the baked goods, food, beverages, salads etc. I made from Fimo, resin, wood, mold putty, printies etc. The baked good trays are old eye shadow trays painted with spray paint.

Below are photos of the fixin' station. I made the napkin holder and cup sleeve holder out of balsa wood. The sugar substitute packets are printies and the holder was made from taking apart old electronics items (such as a cordless phone). The closest thing I could think of to make the Starbucks green straws was to take the copper wire out of old phone wire. The stir sticks are just carved and sanded wood scraps. I traced the rounded shapes for the counter and the platform onto balsa, then sanded and fit until they looked right in the bay window.

The espresso machine frame is made from basswood, then I cannibalized the previously mentioned cordless phone, plus an old electric razor for parts. The coffee bean dispenser on top was a plastic jar from the dollar store cut down to size and then filled with Fimo beans.

The cash register screen glass was the display window of the cordless phone. The Starbucks payment screen is then sandwiched between the glass and a wood backing. The cash drawer base is made of wood. The item scanner is made of more metal parts and Fimo, and is connected to the cash register with black electrical wire. The receipt dispenser is also Fimo and a scanned receipt.

The Tazo tea display and signboard were made from wood and printies. The cups are made from various glue lids with printed labels. The syrup dispensers and milk are replicas I made after casting original containers into silicone mold, and then using them to make resin bottles. Color changes to the resin were achieved by adding shavings of artists chalk.

The sink is a candy tin I've been holding onto for a while. I just added the faucet and cleaning products purchased from HBS. The microwave is wood/metal pieces salvaged. The blender was made from silicone mold/resin/fimo.

Below is the second cash register for the front counter.

This is Starbucks drip coffee machine - The Clover.

I guess about now you're probably thinking I must go to Starbucks a lot. Well, I used to, sometimes twice a day. Now that I am not working/commuting 13 hours a day I don't need nearly as much coffee. I do still go by for a hug in a mug periodically! ;0)

Verona Basket

Displayed By The Counter

Point of Purchase candy, cd's, Via packets,

Just wood, printies, and a lot of patience!

All these to go and ceramic mugs are resin molds of the originals.

The French Presses were made from Xacto blade packaging, leftover parts from a Chrysnbon kit, and brads.

The pictures below show just where my progress has stopped. I can't go any further until I complete the other two shops in the set, as well as the restroom addition to be placed between Starbucks and The Tasting Room. Once I have all the shops complete, I'll secure them all to the 60" base and begin brick streets, lamp posts, landscaping, and the drive thru. Stay tuned, as I'll post news on the blog as I update!


  1. Wow, that's pretty comprehensive! Everything looks so good, you've done an amazing job! Looking forward to seeing the whole streetscape!

    1. Thanks, Shannon! It was fun and challenging to figure out how I could make everything! It may take me years to get back to the street of shops project, because I keep getting pulled away by other obsessive ideas! I hope I live long enough to complete each one of them!

  2. You are SOOOOO CLEVER Jodi! I am gob-smacked by you ingenuity and your Amazing skills of full-filling single every detail up to the Max! No matter which way you look, your Starbucks coffee shop is EXACTLY what it should be, nothing left out and Everything identifiable and relatable- YOU ROCK! :D


    1. Thank you Elizabeth! You are way too kind! It was after this project that I learned that less glue is more, sanding is an art form, and that 4x magnifying lenses that clip on to my strong glasses make all the difference in really being able to SEE like the camera does! :O)

  3. Crazy talent right here! This looks like it would be so so so much fun to make! Wish I could see it in person!

  4. Thanks, Kristine! I'd say it was passion and determination and not really the talent part. I have been kind of over polymer clay and resin crafting since I finished the project! It was a lot of work, but very rewarding at the same time. You are welcome to come over and play with my toys any time! Just bring some of your so I can play, too!

  5. Trabajaste mucho moldeando todo tipo de cosas. Pero te ha quedado genial