Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Here in Washington state we're a little more progressive than most states (except maybe California and Colorado). For years we've had laws supporting medical marijuana. I had the occasion to visit a dispensary, and immediately wanted to replicate what I saw in miniature. When I learned that Bright Delights actually made several "water pipes", that clinched it!

I started off with the Contemporary Ranch kit by Real Good Toys. A lot of the dispensaries around here are converted from old houses, and the attached greenhouse in the kit would make a perfect grow room.

I kit bashed a bit, filling in some openings and creating others. The green theme seemed appropriate, as well as handicapped parking and the address number being 420 (tongue in cheek).

When you first go into a dispensary you are in a sort of waiting room. You go up to a (usually) bulletproof window, sign in and wait for them to verify your "card". Don't act a fool, tho! You're on the security cameras!

Once you've been verified, you get to go into the store - a magic land full of every kind of marijuana that ever was crossbreed and imagined, including edibles such as canna cookies, canna candy, oils, balms, capsules, sauces and straight canna butter for your own culinary creations. You can also purchase pre-rolled products, glassware, and other accessories.

This particular dispensary has it's own canna kitchen dedicated to making delicious and freshly made edibles. It looks like the mini chef is in the middle of making canna butter and a batch of nice fresh brownies. Looks like there's plenty of snack foods on hand for the inevitable munchies!

The grow room was a really fun room to research and complete! I made grow light, marijuana plants, a clone machine, ballasts, reservoir, nutrients and supplements. The walls have a reflective surface to create more light for the plants.

This was a fun project and I enjoy going back and looking at all the detail again and again. The best part by far tho is the reaction I get from guests who see it for the first time!


  1. Wow, so much detail I know nothing about! Haha! You'll have the FBI watching your house since you've been googling you to grow marijuana!

  2. Ha ha! I must be on several of their "lists" since I also listen to podcasts about bigfoot, lol! Unfortunately for them, I am a BIG SQUARE! The trip to the dispensary was so that I could be the "caregiver" for my dad. He has prostate cancer and takes the extracted oils from the plant as there is research that shows it slows the growth of the cancer cells. He is also a big square and takes the capsules at bedtime so that he does not have to feel the "high" effects. In the beginning, before he got "used to" the medicine, he had some interesting trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

  3. this reminds me of the pain clinics they have in Florida that give Oxy to anyone that wants it (thats probably why they have to most car accidents in the world)

  4. Impresionante la gran cantidad de detalles que tiene. ¡ Qué paciencia!

  5. Thanks, Isabel! ¡Amar las miniaturas es aprender la paciencia!

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