Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Sixteen Succulents, Three Baskets, Two Days and A Whole Lot of Fun!

In my last post I shared both the joyful anticipation and the trepidation of the arrival of a new PC. Thank you all for the luck and good wishes sent. Most of the process was flawless, and the couple things that were a little less cooperative gave in soon enough. I am up and running and can't believe how ~F~A~S~T~ the new computer is!

By Sunday afternoon I was on pins and needles to start on the succulent and basket kits from our wonderfully creative and ingenious mini community member Nancy Enge!

I had ordered a set of sempervivum with green leaves, but Nancy was very kind to include an extra set of white leaves in case the green was a little too dark. This was very serendipitous; because I would need to color the leaves myself, on her blog recommendation, I ordered a set of Winston & Newton Promarker alcohol based markers. These things are ~F~A~B~U~L~O~U~S~! Just wait until you see how the pink blended into the green on my leaves! I vow to never be without these markers the rest of my whole life! (a bit dramatic, I know, but they are just that good!)

Do you know how many varieties of succulent exist in the world? Me neither! But I found this photo and suddenly realized that I could go with pretty much any color combo I liked! In miniatures, we are the creators!

I got my leaves all colored and stylus-ed (a great time to space out while one is stylus-ing) and began assembling. With each step, as I saw these little succulents become, I became more and more giddy!
They~are~just~so~adorably~beautiful! I suddenly KNEW exactly what colors I'd use for the baskets and accessories!

Have I mentioned that these markers are amazing?

I can't say enough good things about the kits - the paper is a perfect weight to work with, the kit instructions are packed with great step-by-step directions with photos, they go together like a dream and Nancy must be the fastest Etsy shipper I've ever experienced! If you haven't gotten the kits already - Go Shop Now! If you have and are waiting to dive in, Do Them Now! Just look at how wonderfully they turn out!

These are the first set of display botanicals for the flower shop, and getting to enjoy them so much has reinvigorated my passion for the project as a whole!

Thanks, Nancy! We are so lucky to have you in our mini world! Now get busy on the Hen & Chicks! I Want! :O)