Thursday, February 16, 2017

Farewell... Again

I come from a gigantic family. My maternal grandparents had seven kids, and my paternal six. And that's only my side! At times the holidays are insane. Sometimes you don't even get a chance to talk to everybody. This makes for a long procession of goodbyes all down the front hall. When it's cold it tends to speed things up a bit. There's nothing like cold air coming through the open door to send folks quickly to the warmth of their heated car seats. But mostly, goodbyes lead to more conversation, and when you actually enjoy the people in your family, the goodbye process goes through several stages. What's my point you ask? Well, I am bidding you all a farewell... Again...

You see, Russ wanted to build (yes - he is also a maker, but his toys look more manly. Like welders and stuff) a trailer to tow behind the Jeep on our anniversary adventure. Then he worked out of town from the Saturday after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, eve. Then on January 2nd, he started another job that was supposed to last only two weeks. It turned into five (through no fault of his own - cabinet and counter top manufacturing delays). This left only six days to build a trailer, get it licensed, pack all of the camping gear, an oh - get new gearing put into the Jeep. Well, I may have asked him if we should have a contingency plan in case the trailer could not be finished in time. What Russ heard me say was "I bet you can't do it! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! So guess what he did?

It looks just like his sketch!

Isn't it just adorable?

In only four days... Oh the power I yield over that mere mortal amazing man <insert evil laugh here>!...

So suddenly, I had all this garage widow time on my hands. I tried to use it wisely. I cleaned out my closets and arranged for a local charity to come pick stuff up. But then. that idea happened. You know, the one from the last post. I fell right into creating and it felt so good! So fun! So fulfilling! Like my whole life had been leading up to this moment!!!

Screech! Alright. It wasn't that good. But it was close.

So anyway, back to the whole point (if you are still here reading - thank you for your patience! I get so excited ((duh)))...

I made some egg carton stones for the floor...

With the gray set of Windsor & Newton Promarkers...

And they turned out so amazing...

That I had to tell you NOW! <insert Madeline Kahn singing "Sweet Mystery Of Life" from Young Frankenstein>  I could not let it sit until I got back from vacation! What if you are planning to make bricks or blocks or stones before I get back?

And then I Mother Nature'd some "clapboard" (1/8" x 3/4"), painted and installed...

And now, in the most bittersweet way you can imagine, I must leave my inspired yet unfinished garden shed and say farewell to you, kindred friends, again.

Until next time (which, truthfully could be sooner than you think).



  1. Wow! I love the Jeep mud flaps, it looks like you drove away from the dealership with it. Amazing :)

    I'm loving the new markers as well. A neutral set...I need those too! Your egg carton stone turned out great.

    Congrats on your honorable mention, if I didn't already say so. :D

    1. Thanks Keli! It's A Jeep Thing, lol!

    2. I showed Husband, who is also a Jeep guy. He has trailer envy.

    3. That makes Russ feel special! Thank you! Wanna meet us in Moab? We need a spotter, lol!

  2. Hello Jodi,
    You two are one hell of a talented and crafty couple. The trailer is just awesome. Well done Russ! Your stone floor and the clapboard are insanely well done. I repeat, you are an amazing miniaturist and crazy talented! Enjoy your trip...oh, and thank you for that awesome tip...from now on, when people are getting ready to leave and just stand and talk, I will make sure the door is open to speed up the process.
    Big hug,

  3. Oh my gosh, you are so funny! I had a good laugh.
    You and your hubby are VERY talented!!! Great job with the trailer, and the cute little shed.
    Now go and have a fun vacation!!!!!

  4. You both did a great job on each of your endeavors !! Enjoy your trip and watch the weather !! Love you two !! Cant wait to see you !!

  5. A STANDING OVATION to both YOU and to your AMAZING HUSBAND for both of your time crunched final finales!
    The Jeep trailer is Unbelievable! How'dhedodat all in only a week????
    And your garden shed with the weathered wood and stone.... WOW !!!!! The rocks look sooooo Real!!!
    Both of you certainly know how to make unforgettable Exits, As Well As leaving your public- BEGGING FOR MORE! :D

    safe and happy trails Jodie and "mere mortal Amazing man"! ;P


    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I will encourage the sunshine to come your way!

  6. elizabeth, enjoy the change of scenery with your family!
    and that floor is awesome ... impressed!

    1. Will do, Marion! I type faster than I think sometimes, too! ;O)

  7. ME gusta como han quedado ese suelo u las paredes de madera.

  8. You and your husband did an amazing job Jodi! The trailer looks great as does the floor, I love the effect that the markers gave, it looks so realistic.
    Sorry for my late congrats on your HBS Honorable Mention Award - so well deserved - and your 30th Marriage Anniversary... Enjoy your vacation! Hugs, susi

    1. Thanks so muc, Susi! Your kind and encouraging words are welcome at any time!