Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Botanique Begins...

It is so exciting for me to start a new project! I used to get the same giddy feeling when I was little and got a brand new box of crayons. So many possibilities in one little box.

Speaking of little box, you may remember that for the flower shop I am using a chipboard kit from Alpha Stamps. Its called the Storefront Roombox. It measures 10" tall x 10" wide x 5-1/2" deep. I feel like I can pack in a lot of visual lusciousness without taking up much precious display space in the 1:1 house. And the amazing price means I have more cash to splurge on some special pieces.

It is super simple to dry fit and pull back apart for planning. There are offset tabs and slots and the chipboard is sturdy with just enough give. An added bonus is how much less space it takes up on my work table than a large project. I can lay out all of the materials - if I can see them, it is less likely that I will forget to use them (I hate when I do that).

I was surfing around the Greenleaf store contemplating another project (thanks mom and dad for the birthday mini money!) when I came across their new patterned doors. I instantly thought they would make wonderful wall panels. There are a front and matching back panel to the doors so you get two panels for every door you buy. Plus, they include a full size solid door panel to center in between the panels and a piece of frosted "glass". Even the panel waste pieces can be used for a multitude of things. Not bad for $4.95!

I used them as wall panels in the shop and have plans for the "waste" shapes, as well. Here is where I need to tell you that in addition to my build, I am simultaneously working on a surprise project for a very special person. I may show glimpses of that project now and again, but mostly it will be in secret until after it has been given to the recipient. Hence, the panels painted blue and in obviously different shapes than the panels in my shop.

Over the last several days I have added the wallpaper, panels, moldings, fireplace, mirror and flooring. The flooring I am using is one that I have wanted to try out for several years now - like since I did the Starbucks in 2013. Well, I finally ordered it from HBS/ and it is awesome. It is the 1/24th scale latex brick sheet. It looks and feels amazing and the detail is wonderful.  The area of brick that sticks out past the side wall will be the shop's outside display area. I may paint the brick in the shop interior, but for the exterior I will just add some moss and mold. You know, the kind of stuff that Weed-B-Gone never really works on for long in real life.

The hole in the side wall is going to get a bay window later on. The chipboard is so much easier to cut than 1/8" plywood that alterations are A-OK!

I have a lot of lighting to add - ceiling fixtures, sconces and lamps. They are all 12 volt, but the wires will connect to battery packs which I plan to hide in a false ceiling. That is another great thing about the chipboard - easy to punch out small holes for wires.

I am working on a fancy design and finish for the ceiling. This is where I'm at so far. I need to make it removable to access the interior, so that is a challenger I'll have to face later on.

I'm working on some of the shelving that will run along the tops of the wall panels. Then I'll start some of the table, shelf and display kits to see what's going to work and what I have to customize to maximize display space.

I only have a couple more days before I have to put the minis away and turn my attention to other exciting things. Starting Saturday, Russ and I will be finalizing plans and packing for our 30th wedding anniversary!!! Three weeks of road tripping, camping, desert southwesting and family visiting! It just freaks me out to realize that it was 1987 when we got married. I can tell you the years went by like a flash, probably because they were all so special and wonderful! He truly is my best friend and my favorite person in the world!

Last but not least, I would like to take a moment to thank HBS for their amazing generosity! It is so much fun to participate in the Creatin' Contest, but to receive Honorable Mention is beyond what I ever dreamed of! Thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful event every year! It must be so hard to choose the winners from the vast pool of tremendously talented and creative contestants! I can't wait to see all of the entries!