Thursday, January 26, 2017

Veggie Tutorials

Some of you may recall that for the HBS Creatin' Contest 2016 I made a vegetable garden. I used a combination of kits, loose pre-made vegetables and some good old mini ingenuity. I was contacted by American Miniaturist and asked if they could publish some of the tutorials. I was delighted but I wanted to see, if using only common craft supplies, I could make a vegetable garden all my own. I was able to pull it off using mostly office paper, toothpicks, glue, paint and Mod Podge. I am happy to share the success, so if you've got some basic craft supplies then you can make all of these for yourself!

Rather than putting everything into one gigantic post, I decided to make the How-To's available in .pdf format, as well as have the entire tutorial available as a separate page on the blog. There are six parts to the entire project, including four different vegetables and an easy raised vegetable planter.

To view, download or print the tutorial, use the link below:

How To Grow A 1/12th Garden In Just One Weekend

To see the dedicated blog page see: Easy 1/12 Scale Vegetable Tutorial

The tutorials are intended to publish in the April issue of American Miniaturist. I am super excited and hope the tutorials will be handy!

I was hoping to be finished Tuesday night so that I could start on the flower shop - no such luck. In addition to the tutorials taking a bit longer, my seven year old PC has been randomly shutting down. It is a long and technical story, so I'll just say the new PC arrives tomorrow. And we have a new wireless router. This all means I'll be spending the next few days using some colorful language, pulling my hair out, and in general being intimidated by technology. Flower shop, I'm getting closer my darling! Until then, air kisses...