Thursday, November 3, 2016

The End... Oh! And A New Beginning!

First, for the happy ending...
Bob, Joe and Sam are so happy to inhabit their new home!
I promised myself that I was going to GET MY LIST DONE TODAY! Well... You know how that goes. While you have the stuff out to finish up the last details you suddenly realize that a space needs this or you need to rearrange that. Instead of crossing off, you're adding to...

Front edge landscaping is finished!
But the good news is that I am (probably) finished except for final touch ups, adding the felt bottom, and setting up for contest photos! I decided to wait a couple weeks on the photo shoot just in case of any 3:00 AM epiphanies! I am bound to run across something I forgot.

Wolf Stew is just about ready to eat!
I know that all of you are probably tired of seeing any more of this project, so I promise these will be the last photos I share until after the contest deadline. Then I'll share the photo shoot photos and we'll put this one to bed!

Joe loves his well appointed and organized kitchen!
That cookbook sure came in handy!
Sam appreciates the nicely set table!
Bob is laughing at how ironic it is that "Hungry Like The Wolf" is playing on the radio right now!
Sam says come on in and grab a bowl!
But first check out my flowers! It's a cutting garden!
And now our little village saving heroes in their close ups:

Bob the brick house builder extraordinaire!
Joe - the culinarily creative!
Last but not least...
Sam, our clever cultivator!
Thank you all so much for sharing this incredibly fun process with me, and for all of your encouraging and lovely comments! 

And now for a new (or renewed) beginning...

This darling little gal has been sitting on the shelf behind my worktable, patiently awaiting for it to be her turn again. She was so gracious when I told her that she would be on hold while I participated in this year's Creatin' Contest. But now, she's back on the table!

Just look at her smile!
I had not forgotten her at all! In fact, over the last few weeks I've had my visions renewed of what she is to become and it is lovely! A frilly, girly, smelling fabulous and chic-ly shabby favorite soap shop!

Her bodice and roof are getting a makeover! The garden I am preparing for will be spectacular!

The interior will be a wonder for the eyes and heaven for the nose! Soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, body scrub, drawer sachets, candles, potpourri, and wonderful cards and gifts!

I'll be learning new skills and techniques in mold making & casting, polymer clay, sewing, fabric printing and making plain and shabby items chic!

I hope you'll come along and share the journey! I think it's going to be super fun!



  1. It's lovely to see more pictures of the Creatin' Contest build because every time I look I notice another detail that I missed before. You've put in a phenomenal amount of work and it shows. It's fabulous =0)

    1. Thanks so much, Pepper! It really was a lot of fun to see the ideas materialize! I want to do so many other projects, though, that I have to find a way to get things done faster! At this rate I'll need to live until I'm 121!

  2. The house is wonderful, and so complete. This has been a very fun build to watch, thanks for bringing us along. I'm wondering what could possibly come to mind at 3 am! Looking forward to the soap shop, it is a beautiful building, inside and out.

    1. Thank you, Shelley! I'll see things like nail holes I forgot to fill etc... It always happens and then I wonder how in the world I could have missed it!

  3. I love the Creatin' Contest build and I'm never going to get tired of looking at the pictures. I've been keeping my husband apprised of your progress and since he's a librarian he thinks it's awesome that its so child friendly in its perspective! Can't wait to show him all these pictures.

    Just remember if inspiration strikes at 3am that you can write it down and go back to sleep. But I can't think of anything that you missed. It looks wonderful.

    Your soap shop must be delighted to be back on the front burner again. I still love the little roof for the side window and the round windows on the second floor.

    1. You are so sweet, Sheila! Thank you for the kind words! I wish we could display it in your husband's library! That would be neat!

  4. Fantastic!!! =applauds to trumpet fanfare= Who knew piggies were Duran Duran fans. :D It's so nice to put on the finishing touches and move on to the next great thing. Congrats!

  5. Has hecho un estupendo trabajo. Tu nuevo proyecto creo que me va a enganchar. Me encanta el tema.

  6. Your Creatin' Contest build is so adorable. It would be awesome if you could turn your photos into a children's book. I can totally see it.

    1. Thanks so much! I have a story in mind - with a few twists, so maybe someday!

  7. Congrats on the finished product and wishing you the best on it as an entry, I say its a winner ! You could do some really cute story books for grandbabes with this project E

    1. Coming from you that is a BIG complement! Thank you! I LOVE your Halloween book! I only hope my late 20's children will someday give me the chance to be the kind of grandma who makes dioramas and books to go with them! :O)