Friday, September 30, 2016

Missing Blog Roll!!!

Has anyone else who uses Blogger for their blogs noticed that your blogroll is missing? Me, too - starting yesterday. When I went into Design then Layout, the entire gadget was just GONE!

I searched for a solution and found only that blogger recommended clearing out your browsing history and your cache. I did this several times, and still no blogroll.

I tried many other things including adding/deleting and then re-adding the blogroll gadget.

None of the blogs that I am subscribed to would show up, and each time I tried to add them via the 'blogs I'm following' check box. I'd get an error page recommending I clear my history and cache, which I had already done.

Eventually, all that worked was to manually add each of the blog url's to the list, saving in the gadget window and then Saving Arrangement after each addition.

I know that I did not get all of them, so I went to a couple of the blogs I know of that list all of the mini blogs in their blogroll. Guess what? Their blogrolls were gone, too!

I am going to scour and search and try to find the ones that I missed. I have had issues in the past with newly added blogs not showing up or just disappearing. It is frustrating, and I can't seem to find a logical reason for it.

If you do not see your blog in my blogroll, please leave a comment so that I can get it manually added. I don't want to miss anything!

Good luck everyone! I hope the fix will last!


  1. I see it on the side of your blog. Mine hasn't disappeared but I noticed that Pepper's went away. I guess we get what we pay for huh?

  2. They are there now, but I had to add each one manually, saving both in the gadget and in the layout for them to show up.

  3. Hi Jodi, for some reason I didn't lose mine, but then, I haven't added very many blogs yet, so it wouldn't be as difficult for me to re-add them.

    I always hate it when some businesses tell you to clear your cache and cookies. It's never worked for me to clear them, and since it's only some sites that have this problem, it makes me wonder if it's just the way they code the page.

  4. Way back in the 90's when I started in the computer world, I did tech support for a software company. Our party line was always restart your computer. Now being on the other end of that it is maddening because I know they are just throwing something at the wall to see what sticks - they have no idea what is really wrong... Oh well - I found a way and I'll take a happy ending any day!

  5. Darn. My blog roll has disappeared also! Very discouraging since me and blogger have had ruin-ins before. Thanks for the instructions.

  6. Hello Jodi,
    Sorry I can't offer any help...computers don't like me and the feeling is mutual. I hope the fix lasts.
    Big hug