Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Furious Finishing!

I've been working as furiously as possible trying to get as many of the mundane tasks done as possible before my attention has to shift to work. This way, I'll have the fun and impactful stuff to look forward to when I can finally get back to mini-ing!

For this project, the set design includes loads of bricks! That's a lot of fiddly and repetitive detail just for a backdrop, but it is all about the details, right! So, I got out the egg cartons and paint to make a ton of bricks (snicker). I recycled a priority mail box to build the chimney and the chimney breast.

I covered the exterior in a layer of mud brown before applying more of the Magic Systems brick stickers. There was a lot of area to cover, so when I applied the mortar I had to work quick! Thankfully, it went very smoothly and I even managed to contain the mess to the brown craft paper I'd lined under the structure!

Just like the inside, I did not care for the flat monotone brick red color of the mortar, so I went at each brick with a warm color palette of acrylic paint. Once I was satisfied that there was enough diversity I gave them an overall ageing wash of watered down burnt umber.

Luckily, I had enough of the egg carton brick left to do the front porch floor. It and the chimney assembly also received the burnt umber wash. I think I'll wait to actually attach the chimney assembly until after I do the roofing. This will save me from having to work out complicated cuts in the speed shingles. These are the diamond shaped ones I was going to use on the Sugarplum roof but decided they were too big for that small house. I think they'll work perfect for the little pigs roof.

I crafted the kitchen faucet out of a couple spigots and a piece of scrap wood. I had the soap holder and bar of soap from the sink kit, so I added those and made the little bar of Lava. That seems like what crafty little pigs might use.

I was able to cross some things off the long list, and I am trying not to think about the fact that by the time I start working on the contest build again I will have less than four months to finish. I have some adorable things in mind, so I am really looking forward to getting back to the fun of it! I hope you all are truly enjoying your builds, as well!

See you again soon!