Thursday, July 7, 2016

Touches Of Home

Do you ever feel like you've put a lot of time into a project, but don't have much to show for it? That was my impression when I started to process all of the photos to post on the blog. Tomorrow is Friday! I got back from camping Monday night. What exactly have I been doing for the last three days?

I started out putting together a Chrysnbon Dry Sink kit. In the past, I have successfully turned it into a "wet" sink, so that's what I did this time - minus the tap. I'm still waiting for it to arrive...

After I get the main structure assembled, I tape off the upper portion of the kit so that I can paint the base color. In this case, I went for DecoArt Americana Georgia Clay. Two coats, then a matte sealer.

Then I taped off the Georgia Clay, and used Krylon Fusion White Satin to paint the "porcelain" sink section. Then I added two coats of gloss sealer.

Notice how I drilled the drain hole? Once the paint and sealer were nice and dry I glued in an eyelet from the sewing kit I inherited from my beloved grandma. I just love looking through her sewing basket. I re-read letters we'd sent back and forth to each other after I first got married (I keep them there). It still smells like her house: homey and loving. I hope she smiles when she sees her old notions being used for something entirely different.

For the drain board side of the sink, I just made it look like a little cutting board. Here's what I did:

Here's the end result - I'll add the tap as soon as it arrives. Also, please remember that this project, even though it it being entered in the Creatin" Contest, is based on a children's story and will be donated to my local library after it is completed. It is supposed to look a bit "cartoony".

Here it is in the kitchen with a few little accessories added...

Next, I started on the beds for the little piggies. I originally wanted to make them a triple bunk bed, but the ceiling height just wouldn't allow for that. Instead, the gracious builder/mason piggy let his poor brothers, having recently lost their dream homes, to move into to his modest abode. Bunk beds for them were essential to the space.

See the two bags of scrap wood I've been accumulating/using for the last four years? I am proud to say that these beds are made from 100% recycled materials! They also seem to be a good fit for the space...

After adding a little color, it's starting to feel like home in here. Next, I'll make sure each of our hero's have comfy mattresses and homemade quilts! I know they are getting anxious to move out of their temporary drawer!

Here's to all of us having an enjoyable and productive weekend, which hopefully includes lots of mini-ing!


  1. Hello Jodi,
    I was blown away by the picture of the looks incredible and SO realistic! Wow! I love the way you finished the sink and the bunk beds are perfect. I am so excited to see more. I understand what you mean...each time I work on floors I think "id this all I got done the past few weeks". Art cannot work to a schedule...the only thing that counts is the end result, and yours are coming along beautifully.
    Big hug

  2. Wow! You got so much done. I feel like such a slacker in comparison whining about my Shapeways order. I love your kitchen and the bunkbeds are totes adorable! And every time I see it I want to coo over your oven. Just gorgeous.

    I'm so excited to see the beds with their mattresses and quilts. Everything looks so cheerful and pretty.