Sunday, July 24, 2016

Meet The Little Piggies

Since my kids were very young (and my nieces and nephews), I have been putting my own spin on classic fairy tales for them. I wanted them to understand that those who are pure of heart and intention do win! The bullies always lose in the end, and when they fall, they fall HARD!

No project like The Three Little Pigs - Revenge could be complete without the most important element - it's characters! From the time I dreamt of this build I knew I had to find the perfect piggies. I searched and searched and then one day found these little guys on eBay. They were just the right height at 5" (without the bases), had bobbling heads and totally captured the look I wanted - fairy tale fun!

Each one would need to have a very unique personality. I began searching for costuming that would fit their skills and interests. Each one needed to stand out on his own, but look similar enough that you knew they were very closely bonded brothers. Without any further adoo, I present to you our three little heros:


Bob is a logical, level headed and handy young pig. He's gifted in brick laying, and enjoys a good round of chess. He's a methodical thinker, and often succeeds by applying common sense to a problem. He thinks of problems as opportunities. Safety and security are a priority for Bob. He's the oldest of the three, and feels a strong sense of protection for his brothers. He also just really enjoys their company!


Joe is the jokester of the family. He's always coming up with the funniest quips and often ribs his brothers in good fun! When it comes to the culinary arts, he could not be more serious or talented. Joe's specialty is combining the most seemingly odd combinations of ingredients to make a 5 star meal. He is also an expert at tenderizing even the most unforgiving cuts of meat. Joe loves to share meals and laughs with his brothers, for never a merrier bunch you shall find.

Last but certainly not least is sam. Sam is a caring and nurturing soul. His love and care for his brothers is evident in the way he takes care of them all. Keeping the house in tip top shape is a point of pride for Sam. He's an avid gardener growing not only the best produce for miles around, passers by are often seen admiring his flowers in abundant bloom.  Sam's gentle way and happy go lucky presence make him a friend to all.

I hope you've enjoyed meeting our little heros and will continue to check in on the progress for the HBS Creatin' Contest build. Coming soon... That dastardly villain; The Big Bad Wolf!