Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hard Work Pays In MINI Ways!

Every couple of months my job completely takes over my life for several weeks. Looooong hours, little sleep and no time for minis. I like my work very much, and working from home in my PJ's is the best part of my benefits package. The torturous days of 80 mile and three hour commuting has been behind me for four years now, and I feel absolutely blessed! I speak words of gratitude to the universe every day!

Working a weird schedule has it perks, too. The "off time" I get can mean many days laced together with guilt free mini play time. And, if I do a really great job, it also means bonuses! You know what that means? A nice little vacation for the hubs and me to escape into the great wilderness exploring in utter peace and solitude. And... New Minis and Toys!!!

Because I was a very good little worker bee this last round, here are my rewards:

New Brother Sewing Machine - Yes, I will re-teach myself so that I can make perfect little pillows! And other important stuff, too...
A Little Clover Iron So That I Don't Have To Drag Out The Big Clunky One Anymore!
It really surprised me that I bought the RGT Beachside Bungalow. It was not on my wish list and I had no intention to. But, it was $40 off at Hobby Lobby, plus another 40% off with the coupon, so $90 including shipping + tax later, I am suddenly planning a new project. The original price tag on these is around $160.00. Apparently, Real Good Toys is out of stock on them until September. The moral to this tale is that when I've had a couple delicious Lemon Drop cocktails, a good deal is just too good to pass up.
I have had my eye on Brimble's Mercantile as a someday project FOR YEARS! Then of course when I went to finally buy one, they are not available through Greenleaf. Apparently, their laser cutting machine is broken, and they pretty much stopped production on the old die cut machine so that means unavailable until further notice. Somehow, the universe smiled upon me and I found one from a great mom and pop mini shop in Pennsylvania!  
They were SO NICE, too! Here's the email from the owner:

Hi Jodi,
Thank you for your order of the Brimble Mercantile Kit. The order has been
processed and the Kit will go out to you tomorrow UPS. I will email you a
tracking # as soon as I get it. I hope you enjoy putting you kit together.
It was so much fun to do.

If there is anything else you need in the future, just email me as not
everything we CAN get is on the website.

Best Mini Wishes,
A Touch of the Past

I'll remember the kindness and great service and continue to shop there in the future!

I ordered some items from my own Shapeways store. I just love my big double sink (used in Alki Point) and I love that I can order the faucet in Polished Nickel for about $12.00. So much better than trying to paint it! I also have not had the chance to use a couple of the lamp designs yet, so the Beach Bungalow will make the perfect opportunity!

Once I knew the Beachside Bungalow was mine, I started to plan the design in my head, along with a few modifications (because I can never leave well enough alone). The kitchen came first, because I love me some kitchen design!!! That lead me, of course, to Elf Miniatures. I ordered the Easy Oven Front kit because I had success using it on Alki Point:

Then I chose the Dummy American Fridge/freezer kit (I hope our British friends  just mean "dummy american" as in 'for looks only', LOL!)

I'll be making a Chrysnbon bathroom kit but I thought a purdier faucet would make a nice touch, so I ordered the traditional mixer tap in silver. It's soooo purdy!

Of course I got a few extra accessories but the Deal Of The Day was this:

I know - it's hideous, right! But I see ripping off the ugly fabric and ruffles and having the foundation for some really contemporary tush tuffits! And, do you know what I paid for them? Ten Bucks!!! I love a good (cheap) rehab (just ask the previous six fixer upper homes we had before we bought the "finished" one. Finished... Yeah right...

So I totally got to spoil myself, including ordering some basic restock and fun items from HBS! The Fourth-Of-July Sale started today and you save 20%! I't free minis and a no brainer, so go get you some goodies today!

And, in case you were at all curious, I have been diligently working on the Creatin' Contest build. I am at a stage where many things are in phases of completion, so until it all gels and I actually have some good eye candy, I'll save the progress post for later!
Hugs to all and I hope you get to celebrate more than just independance! Do something nice for yourself and then let your gratitude infect everyone!


  1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that drinks and minis. If I feel guilty I ask my husband, "should I?" And he also has had a drink and always says "sure". It's great. ;)

    That iron is amazing! I have been cranking out pillows since I opened mine. I use the Ambers House tutorial.

    I'm eyeing that sewing machine. It's wonderful looking! Not having to dew by hand makes bedding and soft goods so much more fun to make. And half the time.

    1. Drinking and mining is a creative endeavor and I'm all for it! Wish we could partake of both together sometime!

      Oh yes! I think I have the Amber's House one bookmarked!!!

      The sewing machine is an excellent price on Amazon and got great reviews:

      I'll post about my experience with it soon I hope!

      Loving your Instagram stageing photos! You'll have a career in design as soon as the little one flies away! :O)

  2. I got the email from HBS and immediately thought 'Awesome, I need more beadboard'. After I ordered some stuff from their closeout email which arrived today. I love the mini iron. That looks like it would be brilliant for minis. Sounds like you've had a lot of fun.

    Can't wait to see what you do with the beach bungalow, I had a lot of fun with mine despite the Building Inspector knocking it down.

    1. A fellow sucker for sales, eh! It's good we live far away or we could get into trouble together!

      I am unexpectedly really looking forward to the bungalow! I'll have to go look at your blog to get ideas! :O)