Friday, May 6, 2016

Thank Goodness For Quick Shipping!

When I last posted, I was waiting for some things to arrive in order to move forward on the soap shop: White paint, a variety of trims, and the half scale speed shingles for the main roof. I am happy to report that I had the trims by Monday (thank you Manchester Wood Works on ebay!), the paint on Tuesday (thank you Amazon for the 8oz white paint for $4.33 and free 2 Day Prime shipping), and the speed shingles on Wednesday (thank you Greenleaf for the Priority Mail). I was able to tackle each little project as the shipments arrived!

The overwhelming consensus on the bay roof, both on the blog and by real life viewers, was to go with the "metal" option. I liked the idea! I thought it would add just another little textural detail to make it look extra yummy! I had some nasty gaps in the little roof where I had to make adjustments to the slots, so I needed to get those filled in. I used a piece of scrap wood (a poked out tab from the kit) to fill in the gap, then slathered everything in a couple layers of spackle. Once it was dried and sanded, the surface was smooth enough to pass for "metal". I added some trims, painted it with a few coats of trim color and then applied several coats of satin varnish so it would have a little metal sheen.

I received the trim that I needed to finish off the back roof edges. I had a heck of a time getting the mitered corners to match up. It was one of those days that I had to struggle through and wonder why everything was so hard. In the end, it worked out - it just literally took more than 2 hours for a 15 minute job. Meh... That's the miniatures business - it just makes the successes that much sweeter.

I got the paint and then went after all of the gaps and scrapes and things that needed touching up on the interior. You know, it's kind of difficult for me to keep some of the shabby! I just tend toward trying to fix everything, even when I remind myself that I 'don't want it perfect'. It's supposed to be a bit shabby and have some character. Do you find yourself doing that, too?

I had some of the hexagon speed shingles left over from the gable ends, so I went to work on the dormer area of the roof. I knew that once it was shingled, you weren't going to see it, but I painted the background color on just in case. Then I shingled the area and gave it a whitewash just like all the other hex shingled areas.

I did a final dry fit on the dormer and installed the window, I traced around it so that I had my line of where to roof up to. I need some input as to weather I should add a flower box under the dormer or just leave it alone? I'll take suggestions now and then later, after I post a mock up, so we can all get a visual on size/scale/placement etc...

Look at the photo below. Do you know what these are? They are little packages of speed shingles. 3 diamond, and 1 hex just in case I needed more. This photo represents $43.30 of roofing material (including $7.50 for shipping). That is the most expensive roof ever for a dollhouse! Well, I am sure not ever. There are monster roofs out there. But it is the most for me, so they had better look darn cute for years to come! :O) They do go on super fast, so if you have a short attention span like me and want the roof DONE, I recommend them highly!

I started a few rows of roofing Wednesday night. The hubs came back from his California trip (with son to bring home VW Bug which wonderful auntie Dayo gave to son) early Thursday morning, so there it sat until this morning. Just an FYI and note to self... Don't try to shingle a roof while talking to your mother about emotional family drama. I got a little wonky and had to pull stuff off to fix it  - after I got off the phone... I did 7 rows of diamonds, then 3 rows of hex, then back to diamond etc... I have a ways to go, but got a brainstorm type headache this afternoon, so I am on hold again until tomorrow.

Now here's another dilemma; shall I make the dormer and porch roofs metal as well, or just continue with the diamonds on them, too? I am not the best roofer in the world, so that teeny scared part of me is a little intimidated about the dormers. I want to do what's best for the shop, though, so I'll get over the fear if that's what I need to do. What do you think?

One last note before I go try to find my last Imitrex (for migraine)...

I have started a page for the 2016 Creatin' Contest build. Nothing too interesting yet, but I do have a theme picked out and plan to get started soon. Once the roofing is completed on the soap shop, but before I begin on the interior. If I start on the layout of the contest kit, I can get a better idea of a timeline and if I need to start freaking out yet or not. You can check it out here...

Hope you all have a wonderfully fun and relaxing weekend!