Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lots Of Mini Time!

The hubs and son have been away from the house working a lot lately, and my "day job" is in a pretty relaxed period again until the end of May. This means that there are long stretches of mini time, and that is great news for me! I have been able to work on the shabby chic soap shop and it feels like I've gotten a lot accomplished this week! I am really going to have to come up with a better name for it, though!

I got a lot of the inside trim installed, and it's nearing completion. I'm at that stage where I can only go so far on it until some other pieces fall into place. I need to make decisions on raw wall edges etc before I can finish the trim there, and also have to install the roof before I can install quarter round etc... Once all of it is done I'll need to attempt some tiny caulking and touch up the paint job - or mess it up depending on the look it needs to have.

So the progress of the day has been to work on extending the front porch and getting the chimney attached in preparation for the egg carton stone that I have settled on.

Using the left over plywood from the second floor that is now only a shelf, I enlarged the porch floor to 3-1/2" x 6". I think it will make the front of the shop a little more inviting.

I also took some of the same material and used it to extend the porch eaves to cover the larger floor space.

Once that was done I gave everything another dry fit, and figured out what modifications I needed to make for the thicker chimney. I needed to cut some of the roof material away. I made two attempts, both not having taken away enough, and then taking too much on the third attempt. Oh well, "you know what" happens. Us miniaturists are used to camouflage, smoke and mirrors so it will all work out in the end...

At present I am, of course, waiting for glue to dry. Then it's on to the egg carton stone making process. I took a couple photos from Mt. St. Helens on vacation last summer, and just love the rocks they used to line the walking paths. I might just try to replicate it, if I can...

I hope you all are having a lovely and stress free moment where imaginings are conceived and dreams are born!