Thursday, April 7, 2016

Here we go again...

Hello mini friends! I just got back from a lovely little get away with my 66 year old but young at heart mom. Let me just tell you that on her 60th birthday we took her to a fun piano bar. She sang along with the pianist when he did a Snoop Dogg hip hop song. Yeah... You get the picture...

Anyway, nothing too crazy happened. We mostly drove through beautiful Oregon - down the middle, over to the breathtaking coast, then to the eastern side chasing the sunshine. It was fun, we saw some incredible landscapes, and didn't do too bad at Indian Head casino! ;0)

I started getting a sore throat on the last day, and really wanted to get home to resume working on the little soap shop.. We got home late evening, and I walked into a disaster...

Here we go again...

I know I really need to be grateful to my wonderful husband for putting in new floors for me. And I really, really am. I've just got the full on chest cold with body aches, so I'm extra whiny. 

Here sits my crafting table, taunting me as I camp out under the blanket, unable to do anything but cough and complain. Boo hoo, poor me.. I just really want to work on my minis!

Maybe by Sunday I'll have new floors, an organized space to work in, and most importantly a new attitude.  😜


  1. Here's wishing you a speedy "recovery " of floors, health and happy attitude.

  2. Feel better! The minis will be there when you do.