Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A fresh start in the work room!

The Sugarplum was started in earnest a few weeks ago, and then LIFE happened. After the four day trip with my mom I came home with bronchitis. I'd let you know in my last post that while I was gone my wonderful husband cleared out my office/work shop (living and dining rooms) and tore out the carpeting in preparation for laminate floors. It was great news for a messy miniaturist with two little puppies and a rapidly shedding beagle. Not so great news because I was really sick for another four days before I could help get the rooms back together again...

New color over old color

When finally I could muster any strength, I decided since the rooms were empty it was a great time to re-paint the dining room. I have never liked the color I ended up with a few years back (never trust a new paint mixer at Home Depot), a pale and cold blue which was supposed to be a warm blue/green, so it was the opportunity I needed for a do over. I got the perfect shade of Valspar called Steely Blue, and the paint itself was thick and really easy to work with. I love it! It will be my go to brand from now on! I primed first because I was going from satin to flat, and one coat covered the primer amazingly. I did three coats though, because I love the durability and depth of color that way.

Yellow ceiling and coral trim.
While I was at it, I got rid of the pale yellow ceiling and the coral moldings (what was I thinking), opting instead for white. Once the ceiling was painted and the coral edited out, I decided that the crown molding, chair rail, baseboards and bead board really needed a freshening up as well. Russ painted the second ceiling coat and the crown molding because heights give me the willies. Thanks honey!


Raised the light.
Now the room is bright and clean! The hutch and buffet, which were given to me by my grandma, have found a home in other areas in the house. This means that I can line up all of the drawer units and other storage items along one wall, giving me much more room to move around in the space. No more bruised hips and stubbed toes? I doubt it - when I am focused on minis I hardly remember that my body is there! But having more room to slide from work station to work station on my table in my wheeled office chair will be liberating!

Why does it still look messy? Need to work on that.

Need to add a shelf for finished projects, maybe?

Here's the space before the work table comes in.

Hopefully, by the time I call it a night I'll have the work table back in here and ready for me to play. Right now though, I need something to eat and to let my aching muscles relax a bit.

The rest of the house is in shambles, so I have to spend the next two days hitting the reset on everything. Then work Fri-Sat and hike with the hubs and puppies Sunday. I have high hopes that next week I will be able to carve out some time again on the Sugarplum. Strike that - NEXT WEEK I WILL MAKE TIME FOR MINIS A PRIORITY AND MAKE SOME PROGRESS ON THE SUGARPLUM!!!

Here's a shot of Gertie enjoying a cup of coffee in the newly cleaned and dusted Starbucks. She likes to watch the progress on everything, and when she's finished she just strolls on over to Alki Point for the night.

TTYS :O) Hopefully with some exciting progress!