Thursday, March 3, 2016

An Unexpected Adventure...

So, so much to catch up on, and only a few minutes to do it! Bear with me while I just hit the high notes from the last few days...

For our 29th anniversary get-away, we turned left instead of right and ended up in Moab, UT. That's a pretty serious detour I know - 1,100 miles or so one way, but it's been a Bucket List destination for both of us for quite a while now. With gas prices hovering around a dollar and a half, it seemed crazy not to go now. Five days to adventure in one chunk is pretty rare for us, so we decided to jump at the opportunity.

Often the most profound moments in our lives are completely unexpected. Just when you think you know the most breathtaking and majestic places to see on Earth, The Universe has a way of taking you to a whole new level of awe. There are no words that justify the magnificence of Moab or Arches National Park. Not even the photos can adequately portray the feeling. All I can tell you is Go. Just make it happen. I hope you do, and I hope, like me, that you are inspired by the abundance life offers to all of us. And I hope that you, too, experience what it's like to be grateful to the core of your soul.

 Every living thing wants more than anything just to be loved. Somehow, seeing a place worked on so magically by time, elements and the creativity of an unimaginable power, leaves no doubt in your heart that You Too Are A Masterpiece, And That You Are Dearly Loved.

Of the 285 or so photos we took during the trip, these samples seemed to me to convey in a very small way the magnitude of what we got to experience. I hope you enjoy them!

Btw... Alki Point is 99.9% finished, and I'll post a few photos in the next few days! :O)


  1. Hello Jodi,
    What amazing pictures. It is so beautiful. I'm glad you had a happy anniversary.
    Big hug

  2. Congrats on 29 years! Amazing place!

  3. Beautiful scenery and Happy Anniversary!

  4. Very nice !!! Still happy after all these years !!!! <3 Love the photos !! And Love you both too !

  5. Happy anniversary! Thank you for the fantastic photos. What an amazing place!

  6. Wow! So majestic. Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing the photos.