Monday, February 22, 2016

It's Crazy Busy Around Here!

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I posted!
Well.... Yes I can believe it, actually. Many of the "want to's" and "need to's" in life have converged, and it has left me little time for mini-ing!

I've managed to accomplish a little bit of the landscaping on Alki Point - in brief segments in between a long list of To-Do's. There is still lots to go, but I do see the finish line on this project. Once it's completed, I am going to take the opportunity to reorganize, paint and change out the carpet for laminate in my workshop a.k.a. the dining/living rooms.

As those of you who are personally close to our family know, Russ gave up his highly stressful and way too demanding Operations Supervisor position in January, and has opted to go back to doing what he loves to do - Build Stuff and Be His Own Boss.

Our new company is Big Feet Construction. Russ and Ande (and sometimes my brother who is also in the construction industry) are the muscle and creative team, and I am the administration. The Universe has supported this endeavor, and I am happy to report a steady work flow since early January.

I have been busy web site building, logo making, QuickBook learning and setting up, getting insurance, bonds and bank accounts, and keeping track of everything. And, I still do have my regular job, so, life is FULL!


In addition to all of this craziness, we thought it would be a good idea to lay new flooring in a couple major areas in the house. And while we are at it, how about doing a little remodeling and some fresh paint. And while we are living among the shambles of all of these excellent ideas, lets get away for a few days to celebrate our 29th anniversary.

Either we are extremely CAN DO people, or we are just CRAZY! The answer will become obvious in the next couple weeks...

Until then my dear and very missed mini friends, I shall be on Hobby Hiatus. I'll try to catch up on all of your creative endeavors in every treasured moment I can steal away! I hope to be back and ready to play soon!


  1. The landscaping looks wonderful! As does the Big Feet business card. Glad the business is going well. My best wishes to your continued success. Hope all goes well with the renovations and that you have a relaxing get away for your anniversary! See you when you have time to get back to posting! In the meantime I 'll miss you!

  2. Hello Jodi,
    The landscaping you got done is beautiful. I love the deck and your plants are very realistic. I wish you continued success with the new business venture.
    Big hug

  3. The landscaping looks awesome! Congrats on the business venture. We do a lot of the same kind of thing around here. We are getting ready to gut and redo the kids bathroom. We usually do one major home project every year or two.

  4. BTW, the dogs look like they're getting ready to have a face off!

  5. I keep nipping in and taking a look at your project when I get time and it looks fantastic. I love the warm colour of the wood against the contrasting interior and framing. Beautiful work Jodi. Best of luck with the new company too. =0)

  6. Jodi this is just wonderful. I just love the colours of the house and the landscaping is amazing! I'm very envious.