Tuesday, February 9, 2016

All decked out...

Today was one of those days where I was able to focus a good deal of time on doing what I love to do: Make Progress On A Mini Project! And, it was one of those days where the concepts came easily, and the implementations manifested just like I had them worked out in my head. For me, those days are farther and fewer between than I'd like. So while all of this good juju was happening today, I was thoroughly enjoying myself!

I started out trying to remedy the fact that I did not install or run the wires to the exterior porch light behind the siding like I should have. Luckily, I had recently read Brae's post about concealing her wiring for Milo Valley Farm behind channel molding. Hey! That's a great idea! I installed the porch light on top of the channel molding (kind of gives it an 80's vibe), then ran the molding with the wires tucked inside all of the way around the back to the power strip. I'll get better photos once I have all of the wiring tidied up.

While running the channel molding, I thought I'd better just get Alki Point attached to it's base. Then there'd be more glue contact surface for the molding and therefore a better hold. Russ was kind enough to pick me up a 4'x8' piece of 1/4" plywood on his last trip to Home Depot, and he even cut the base piece out for me! A perfect 25"x18". Just what I needed! Have I mentioned that he's not only kind and handy - he's still pretty hot for a 51 year old! :O)

I marked out where I wanted the house to sit, traced it out in pencil, took the house back off the base, then ran a fat bead of tacky glue on the pencil line. I sat the house back on the base over the glue, then cleaned up the excess glue with the best tool my dad taught me about for glue and caulking - my finger!

Once the house was attached to the base, it was time to start framing out the decking. I used 1/4"x1/4" basswood as the outer frame and interior brace pieces. I glued them and clamped them, then when they were dry I applied a coat of the vinegar and steel wool stain.

While everything was drying, I stained about 24 pieces of 1/2"x1/16" deck board with the same stain. Then it was just a matter of letting them dry, then cutting them to length.

I used the same deck board to cover the ugly edge of the plywood on this side. I'll do the same to the other three sides as I begin the landscaping.

I had to weigh the boards down because they wanted to curl up. Also, the spacing between the deck boards was a challenge because not all of the deck boards were straight. I essentially had to eyeball it... Not too bad though. I really like the color variation in the boards, and any imperfections can be hidden with the planters and landscaping.

Not bad for a day's work, and good days like this only make me long for more of them. I hope the landscaping and the rest of the wiring go just as cooperatively!