Friday, January 22, 2016

Update on the "Bad Idea" Fixes...

The roof panels are not finished yet... In fact, there is a LOT more to do on them! I have been working on them every moment that I can spare. The hubs and I are going on a little weekend adventure over to Olympic National Forest, so while spackle is drying, I thought I'd give you a little update...

First I tried to sand down the texture. It was fairly successful, and I thought I'd be able to live with the results. This was great because I really did not want to have to make new panels and deal with getting the skylights perfectly square. I am still working on those jigsaw skills. I also did not want to wait for new panels to arrive. That also felt like cheating, so I was determined to find a solution. In the photo, you can see the panel that's been sanded, and the one that hasn't. It took the top texture layer down, but it's still too prominent.

Because I used two kits, I had two sets of roof panels. Just like the floor, I had to turn them into one large main roof panel, and one small bump-out roof panel. I  added brace beams for additional strength to the seams. I glued and clamped the panels together and let them sit overnight. The photo below shows a dry fit after the roof panels have been joined together.

Then I added all of the fascia trim and let that sit. While those were drying, I started to make all of the exterior skylight frames. I ordered a 16 oz jar of Apple Barrel black acrylic paint to ensure that I wouldn't run out again! I threw some paintable caulk  in with the order, too, figuring I'd definitely be needing it for the finishing. I love Amazon. My package will be here when I return from the weekend trip.

After sanding the fascia and touching it up with spackle, I got an idea. What if I filled in some of the roof texture with the spackle? That and a flat coat of black paint might just do the trick! Currently, the spackle is drying. I won't get to learn whether this new idea was a good or bad one until I've sanded and painted. All in all, I'm just happy that I still have ideas. I'm also grateful for the intestinal fortitude to take a risk and go with them. As frustrating as it is, sometimes, the mistakes are where I learn the most and come away with a little more skill.

In other news...

Sometimes reading the Greenleaf Forum or other mini blogs gets me into trouble. I see something that looks like so much fun to do that I start to plan for it. Oh boy. Here we go again... At least this project is going to take up much less room. I'd like to give Debora all the blame credit. More to come on this...

Under the heading "Today's Adorable Pet Photo"...

Woodson and Rusty are best buddys, and I couldn't have asked for more! Thank you universe!


  1. Yeah! The roof will be great! I think you have cracked it! Spackle and flat black! This will work out fine.
    I checked out Debra's blog, you might need to get 8X magnifiers. It should be a lot of fun if you don't go cross eyed in the attempt!
    The puppies are so sweet, lucky you.

  2. Well you've got me started thinking about the teahouse and how cheap the kits are...and how cute a little house could be. I really need to freeze my little fun account so I stop buying things... I have too many kits and not enough space. I cannot buy a teahouse kit, even if it is cheap. I'm running out of places to put things.

  3. Hello Jodi,
    I hope the roof works out, but frankly all my attention is on that p[et adorable!
    Big hug

  4. I'm glad you are working it out, sometimes it just takes a little trial and error. The pups are awesome! I have two also, but they don't snuggle with each other like that. Just us people.