Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Contemplating "Bad Idea" Fixes...

When last I posted about Alki Point, I had pondered making stain for the outside siding. I put some Apple Cider Vinegar and a piece of Steel Wool into a plastic bottle and planned to let it steep until the weekend. Well, that project got a bit derailed. You see, while "waiting for stain to develop", I started working on the roof pieces. This has lead me right down a rabbit hole, and I can't seem to gauge how long I'll be trapped here.

I began with a little remodeling. The starting pieces are the Dollhouse Skylight Roof kit that was available as an add on to the original Asahi Tea House. There were 24 pains in the roof piece to begin with, but I wanted to continue the linear look of the front windows. I carefully cut out the unwanted mullions, sanded and primed the panels.

I plan to have some recessed LED lights in the ceiling, so I drilled the holes for those.

Because there is so much skylight, there is very little roof area left. I looked at many roofing options, but in the end, I decided I wanted something like a hot mop type of roof but with an asphalt texture. I painted a base coat of black.

Then, in a leftover plastic container, I mixed some pretty course sand with more black paint. I applied it pretty liberally, and after the first piece was finished I decided that I didn't really like the way it looked. Too thick and uneven.

 Then I added a lot more black paint so that the paint to sand ratio was about 2/3 paint to 1/3 sand. This worked much better, but I am still not satisfied with the texture.

I brushed on a heavy handed layer of black paint only. This helped a little, but I still don't like it. Now I am out (I think) of black acrylic paint.

Options are:

  1. Apply a coat of dollhouse stucco to help fill in and even out the texture.
  2. Apply a coat of black latex satin that I have stashed away for furniture touch ups (I have several pieces of black furniture). Hope that adding more paint will help even out the surface a bit.
  3. Spray paint it in a lighter color.
  4. Live with the results (never gonna happen). Come to terns with my terrible idea.
  5. Order new skylight kits and start over. In other words, give up trying to fix it.

I don't give up very easily. Some call this stubborn, some call this persevering. Right now, though, I just need to back away and contemplate a while...

Any tips, ideas or sage advise is most welcome and appreciated!

BTW... The stain is doing great! No scum, no explosions, just a dark rust color and no sign there was ever a steel wool pad inside. If you do this, REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE LID OFF! Hope to get back to this experiment soon!