Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Glimpse Into A Future Dream...

With Alki Point getting nearer to completion, naturally I have been dreaming and planning the next project! You know how this madness goes... I have really enjoyed working with these Greenleaf kits (which were two Asahi Tea Houses built opening to opening), so for my next project, I will be doing another tab and slot kit!

Ideally, I wanted to do a small project where I could focus on making most of the details myself. I truly enjoy that part, and I love sharing what I am learning with other DIY type miniaturists, too. We learn so much through sharing each other's experience! I originally began looking at the Primrose, thinking that I'd combine two of the kits again. Sadly, they were out of stock and after contacting Greenleaf, I learned they weren't going to have them back in stock for at least a couple of months.

I began looking at other options, and was listing the pros and cons of both The Sugarplum and The Storybrook Cottage. Both are small, which is great because all of the projects I finish have to have a place to reside in my house. What's the point if you can't enjoy the finished ones, right? Either of these will fit nicely on one of the built in shelves here in my craft room/office (a.k.a. my formal dining and living rooms).

As far as style goes, both are really adorable, and I can do a million things with either. They are so easy to bash and remodel! The cost for each of them is totally affordable (under $50), so either one was an option. It seems silly, but what it finally came down to was the windows. Yep, it was really all about the windows.

You see, I have been collecting castings from Jim Coates. I fell in love with some of his frames, so much so that I want to make windows out of them. One frame for the inside, one for the outside and plexi in between. The windows in The Storybrook Cottage are so adorable on their own, that I wouldn't want to replace them. I am thinking a future gingerbread cottage with that kit. I don't think I ever mentioned that I once collected all things gingerbread. My kitchen had a gingerbread theme for years. Mostly though, it is Christmas decor, which will be magical if ever I have any grandkids.

Anyway, because of the windows, I decided on The Sugarplum. The idea in my head is a soap shop, with lots of good smelling things, handmade pottery, linens, candles - a little bit of everything. In fact, that is probably what I will name the shop - A Little Bit Of Everything. It's most likely going to be a departure from the modern style of Alki Point. A little shabby with touches of things from times past. That's the vision in my head, but we'll see where it leads us...

Some of the things I'd like to explore and share on the blog during the project are:
  • Making Miniature Candles
  • Making Various Miniature Shop Displays
  • Making Miniature Silicone Molds For Bottles and Jars
  • Casting Miniatures With Resin
  • Making A Miniature Electrified Teacup Chandelier
  • Making Miniature Signs & Labels With Water Slide Decals And Label Paper
  • Making Flowers & Plants With Paper Punches And Various Papers
  • Making And Remodeling Scale Furniture
  • Ageing And Distressing Finishes
  • Bashing House Of Miniatures And Realife Miniatures Kits
  • Making Copper Wire Plate Racks With A Soldering Iron
I hope you'll look forward to and enjoy exploring these topics with me. I also hope that you'll find it interesting and worthwhile! Maybe you want to make one of your own and we can colaberate! How fun would that be!

Alas, there is still a project to finish up first. I think my daughter has her eye on this one! Now back to work on Alki Point!


  1. Looking forward to the Sugarplum! The inspiration photos are great, I 've been in shops like that. The translation to 1:12 scale will be fun with lots to learn and experiments to keep you busy. I love it when you explain how to do something. Those Jim Coates frames are beautiful, as window frames they will be stunning, what a good idea.

    1. Thanks Shelley! I am really looking forward to it!

  2. Hello Jodi,
    Great choice! I have always like the Sugarplum kit! You have some great ideas and I can't wait to follow your new adventures!
    Big hug

    1. Thanks Giac! I am happiest when I step outside my comfort zone and try to learn new things! Even if it is an epic fail, I always manage to learn something! These Greenleaf kits are great for experimenting on!

  3. Cute! When you say teacup chandelier, do you mean a chandelier made out of teacups?

    1. That's the idea... I have teacups and saucers. I want to take candle bulbs and sockets and place them inside the teacups. The saucers and cups have a hole drilled through them, then would sit on top of 1/16" copper tube with the wires run through it. I have a tubing bender, but I have not tested any theories yet. I am thinking that the chandelier will have 5 or 6 arms. I have enough materials to try it 2 times. Hopefully, the idea will work! We'll see!