Tuesday, January 26, 2016

100th Post Giveaway - The Loot!

Now that the package for our 100th Post Giveaway has reached the winner, Shelley, I can reveal all of the loot!

The stuff I made:

Bath Basket Set

Espresso Machine

Potted Plants

Nautical Themed Rugs

More Nautical Rugs

Modern Sofa
Bed With Tufted Headboard
The Stuff Not photoed

  • Glass Buoy
  • Sea Glass
  • Metal Jack
  • Spalted Maple Cutting Board
  • Sea Shells
  • Beach Sign

The Stuff From My Shapeways Store:

Hip To Be Square Lamp and Shade (with bulb and wiring socket)

Masculine & Feminine Sculptures

Nautical Wall Art

Kitchen Double Sink & Modern Faucet

Shower Fixture

To Shelley and all of you who entered, and those of you who just stop by to check in on my miniature adventures...

A Giant Thank You!!!

It truly means the world to me to share my minis with you!


  1. Nice haul for Shelly! Thank you for sharing your mini adventures with us!

  2. That's a lot of loot! Congrats, Shelley.

  3. Thank you, Jodi! I'm overwhelmed with your generosity! The minis are beautiful! Thank you for making the nautical rugs for me and for all the care and love that went into your giveaway.

  4. Wow! It's like winning a miniature lottery! I love all your creations.