Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Three's A Joy!

Recently, my son's ex-girlfriend (but still close friend and surrogate daughter to me) came in from Tennessee to visit. She brought with her, Tucker. Tucker is a part pug and part chihuahua. He is just the neatest dog to know. Smart, so sweet, playful and a good friend to everyone he meets. Belly laughs abound when Tucker is around!

My son was with Tucker every single day, training him and teaching him about his world for about the first 15 months of his life. He knows so many tricks, like shake, high five, roll over etc. Then Tucker's mom (Jessica) had to move back to Tennessee to help her ailing mom. Ande was absolutely devastated. It was a very hard loss for him.

In late April, the Universe worked it's magic ways, and brought Rusty into our lives. He is truly my grandpuppy, and even at 9 months old still wants his daily "grandma nap", where he snuggles into my neck and falls deeply and heavily asleep. We absolutely adore him, and even our 8 year old beagle, Georgie likes to have him around.

When Tucker came through that door, Georgie absolutely lost her you know what! She was beyond excited to see her old friend! When Tucker and Rusty met, they instantly bonded, chased each other around the house and played tug of war with every toy they could find. I don't think that either of them stopped playing to sleep for the entire 10 days!

The day Tucker had to go back to the airport was a very sad day around here for all of us. Tears were shed, by both people and puppies. After 2 days of really, really sad doggies, I was beginning to get worried. They did not want to play, they did not want to eat. Georgie always wants to eat, so I called a family meeting.

The decision was made. A high energy miniature pinscher mix was a little much for a beagle with a seizure disorder and a hip issue. She just can't keep up with Rusty. We needed another puppy.

In our case, three is not a crowd. It is perfect. We got to bring Woodson home yesterday. He is a blond min pin mix that my son named after his favorite Oakland Raiders player. It is puppy mayhem, they are all having a ball together, and we are all sore from laughing so heartily.

Life is good...