Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Shapeways Models Have Arrived!

The next batch of my Shapeways models have arrived!

From Left to Right:

  • 22.5 Degree Topless Coffee Table (add your own acrylic or wood top)
  • Camber Cutout Double Bookshelf
  • NOW Book Holders
  • Coastlight Decorative Bowl
  • Resplendent Vase Sculpture
  • Masculine Sculpture
  • Hip To Be Square Lamp (with very small shade. Regular shade is larger)
  • X Sighting Topless Side Table (add your own unique top)
  • Scale Six Piece Composition Frame Set


Pose Counter Stools

All are 1/12th scale.

Check back to see how all of the 3D printed items will be used in the Alki Point project!

Wanna see all my little wonders???

M3 1:12 - My Shapeways Store


  1. These are all so cool. Those stools are the bomb!
    UPS has buggered up my shipment and I'm still eagerly anticipating my order from your shop. :-)

  2. Nooooooo Alice! You're kidding me!!! Stupid UPS!!! I thought you'd definitely have it by now!!! Oh man, I hope it will be worth the wait!!! Please do let me know when you've got it!

  3. Oh I'm sure it will, I'm not worried!
    Should have arrived 2 days ago, but I guess it's a busy time of year

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! Now if I can ever get to mining again... Sigh... :o(