Monday, December 14, 2015

Just Do It Already!!!

Do you ever hesitate before you permanently attach fixtures or walls? Boy I do! I am always nervous that I have forgotten something, and that attaching it might be a big mistake! Today I decided that the only way to move forward on the Alki Point project was to just do it already!

Here is the bathroom. I permanently installed the toilet and the sink unit. I attached the last sheet of tile to the partition wall (no photo yet), but I won't install that just yet. I almost removed the protective sheeting from the shower wall, but decided to wait. I have painted the replacement Shapeways TP and towel holder etc... and need to install them after they dry. Chrome paint takes forever to dry!

I glued most of the decor stuff to the kitchen shelves, let that dry while I made dinner, then attached the side wall after that. While I had that taped and glued, I took the opportunity to run more wood glue along all of the seems that cannot be seen. I want to make sure since these are two kits turned into one that there is plenty of points that help support any stress.

One of the fun little projects was making some little plants. I have a drawer full of silk and plastic plants and flowers. Some are left overs from the 90's when fake floral swags were cool, and I also pick up things from Joann's when they go on sale. They are in order of before materials used, and after completed below.

And these are for my giveaway Who!