Friday, November 13, 2015


In my last post I was making windows. I forgot how long that takes. Apparently, for me, on a project this small, it takes three days! It would have been faster, but I had to wait for the garage to heat up a bit before I could paint.

I had something like 14 frames to make. That meant I had something like 14 frames to sand, fill, sand, and paint. That meant a lot of waiting in between. I found myself getting really board, so I took lots of TV breaks while I waited. I watched the first episode of Master Chef Junior. How cute are those kids?!? Guess I'll have to wait until tonight to see the next episode!

I had to be very gentle. I have a tendency to get really enthusiastic with my sanding strokes. There were at least two frames that I broke apart and had to re-glue. Then, I had to re-wait for them to dry.

One of the mullions broke off just as I was getting ready to spray the paint on it. I told it to go take a flying leap, then just left it apart from the frame. I'll wait and re-glue it on after the paint dries. If I don't smash it first. Just kidding... kind of... I'm waiting for paint to dry now.

I kept waffling, too... Should the window frames, front wall, door frames, and beams be black or grey? I looked at a bunch of photos, thought black was the way to go, but just before I went out to the garage to do the deed I chickened out. I imagined the finished project sitting on the shelf in front of me. In the end I decided black was just a little harder to keep clean. Rustoleum Satin Granite seemed like a more neutral option. I'm almost out. If I run out before I am finished I'll have to wait for more to come from Amazon.

I could start the wall texture paper. Oh, wait... I am still waiting for that to come in the mail.

I could start painting the little accessories from Shapeways. Oh wait... I am still waiting for that package to come in the mail.

I could start making the platform bed. Oh wait... I am still waiting for the fabric to come.

Oh wait a minute! The tracking says there was a notice left in my mail box. A notice? I was here all day! What the b-l-e-e-p!

Oh! The notice says that the carrier lock on our box has been broken since 11/10? A work order has been put in to fix it? We are still waiting for the fix? Until then I have to drive to the post office to pick up my mail? I guess I'll have to wait in line there, too.

Oh brother. Do you ever feel like the universe is conspiring against you? Just to teach you some patience?

But I don't wanna wait! I wanna live by the motto on my garage door!

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