Monday, November 16, 2015

They're Here!!!

A few weeks ago I posted how I started watching tutorials on Skillshare. That lead me to a 3D iterating software called Tinkercad. I started playing around with making modern 3D miniature stuff for the Alki Point project. That lead me to upload about 50 different designs to Shapeways. And that lead me to printing them. The above photo is the bulk of my designs, although I have several more either being printed now or that I am saving up to order. I know that I am behind the curve by a couple years with this stuff, but I say better late than never! It's just so exciting to finally get to see these little gems in real life!

My photos are taken with my phone so are not the best, and these are the raw Strong, White and Flexable prints. I am still deciding how I am going to finish each piece.

Afterglow Lamp Base - Cost $5.59. Shade Cost $5.51. I love the "stepping" from the printing. It gives it a pottery or natural fiber look and feel.

Shown without Shade to illustrate how bulb and socket fit perfectly.

Channel exit for the cord. I made six different lamp styles. All are designed with the bulbs and wiring in mind.

Persuasion Bedside Table. It has non opening drawers on both sides. Cost on this one is expensive (IMO) - $36.11

Forethought Headboard. I'll make it into a platform bed for the Alki Point. I made three different headboard styles. This is the only one I have had printed, so far. Cost $32.98

Enliven Undermount Kitchen Double Sink Cost $13.31. Faucet sold separately, cost $2.13

Enliven Square Nesting Bowls Cost $12.04

Large Coastlight Modern Planters. Cost $18.86

Steadfast Shelf Sized Vase Set. Cost $5.83

Exhilarate Back and Side Tiled Shower Walls. 1/16" grove can be grouted for contrast. 4" x 7" Back wall $22.78, 3" x 7" side wall $15.85. Shower pan is made to fit and is 4" x 3" x 1/8" and costs $12.14. Shower unit with mixer and rain head costs $4.89. Wall mounted low profile toilet costs $11.14. I'll get better "in use" photos once they go into my project.

Exhilarate bathroom accessories include: Sink $8.28, Faucet $2.22, Trash Can & Soap Pump Set $6.57, Towel Bar, Towel Holder, TP holder and 3 Hooks Set $11.66. 

I also made pendant light shades for the kitchen and bathroom that accommodate standard 12 volt sized bulb and socket sets. Two different styles of modern cabinet hardware, modern door handles, wall art pieces, a brunch set and subway tile kitchen side and back splashes. Those are in production now, so keep your fingers crossed with me!

If you want to give 3D designing and printing a shot, I'll be happy to answer questions or help in any way I can! All you need is an idea, some measurements to convert to scale, and a willingness to spend a little time and money. Believe me - if you love to make, you'll love this process!