Sunday, November 15, 2015

Second, Third, Fourth Guessing...

I'm in that part of the project where I am second guessing my color choices and wondering why I hadn't thought about certain things - like wall coverings. Really, Jodi? Is this your first time?

I could have just painted the walls, but not me! Nope! I wanted to complicate everything as much as possible texture. So, I dug through all my little stash places to see what I could come up with. I found some scrapbook pages left over from some project and thought I'd try painting it to see how it looked.

It was green with a bit of a cross hatch texture, so I thought I'd better put a couple coats of primer on it. It looked like the texture was going to show through, so I decided to paint it next.

I put two coats of the grey paint sample paint from Home Depot. It definitely dried a little darker than I was anticipating. It also has a surprising bit of sheen on it for being flat paint.

That's where I started questioning my choices in color combinations. I brought everything I have gathered so far to the table to look at all of it together. Paints, fabrics, flooring, exterior, interior, textures.

Some of my grey fabric looks kind of blue. Some of it looks as though it has a greenish tinge to it. The primary grey paint matches the high gloss cabinet film from Elf Miniatures, and that matches the solid grey fabric, but is that too matchy matchy and too much grey? The grey that I sprayed all of the trim is definitely light, but is that a good thing? Suddenly I realize that I am inadvertently and literally making a 50 Shades Of Gray vacation rental!

What's my solution? Oh! Great idea! Buy 3 more yards of fabric online that "look" like the right grey and wait a few days for them to arrive!

Then my brain decides to second guess the painted scrapbook paper. Will it unwrinkle itself with the wallpaper paste? Should I put a couple coats of matte sealer on it before I put it on? Is that too much grey? Maybe I should buy some white textured scrapbook paper and just give myself a couple days to decide.

Once I start in on this kind of thinking I begin and end in exactly the same place. Like 15 rounds of this. Before I decide to just go for it. Most times, everything turns out great and I am happy. But then, the Barn happened. And now, I am afraid to mess everything up again. Hump. There's no hope for me...

So, I spent HOURS on Etsy. Distraction was good. Then I went through my stash of leftover project parts and pieces and decided to put wooden strips on the upper half of the back wall. I started this after 10:00pm and did not go to bed until 1:00am. I like the texture, but am I going to stain it? Will it compete with the wood floor?

I managed to get the wood wall finished, and get the divider wall between the kitchen/bathroom cut. sanded, wood installed etc.

I managed to start thinking about the ceiling/roof and make sure I had wood for that.

I finished up the spray painting, and checked that the window frames still fit.

But really, it doesn't seem like I got much done over the weekend. I'll try to make some decisions, then get back to it on Tuesday...


  1. Believe me, thinking is definitely getting something done! LOL! Without alot of thinking,nothing gets done. Don't let the barn scare you, you have great taste and all your projects look beautiful! Have fun!

    1. Thank you, my friend. The perfect words at the perfect time! <3 <3 <3