Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today On The Barn...

Today On The Barn... I was able to complete the grout around the fieldstone. I updated the Product Review: Andi-Mini Fieldstone page with more specifics. Overall, I am happy with the results.

After completing the grout, I installed some of the trim pieces. I'm so glad that I had stained the trim in advance. It made it so that I didn't have to change gears. My dining room table is a mess at this point, and I have too much crap that I am trying to work around already.

I was able to finish staining both decks last night before bed. The balcony was dry and ready to be installed this morning.

I wasn't ready though. I must have been sleep drunk because when I had slathered it in glue and went to install it in place, I realized that I had glued the "beams" flush with the back. This interfered with the trim on the wall.  I was supposed to leave a 1/4" space. I did not.

 Therefore, I had to pull off the beams, scrape off the glue, re-measure, re-glue the beams, and then install the balcony. Sheesh... I never fail to trip myself up on this project!!!

I like the front deck a lot! It looks great with the fieldstone! Once I get started on the lanscaping, I bet I'll like it even more!

But first, tomorrow, I must clean up my messes! I can't stand looking at or working in it any more!!!

Then, I will take some photos of the AWESOME 3D items I got in the mail today! I am so excited! I can't believe I made them!!!


  1. I was really intruigued to see how the stone would look on the barn. It's fantastic, I absolutely love the look and love the colour choices. The deck is excellent too. You've really added to the interest of the building.

    1. Thank you, Pepper! I feel really guilty because I am just ready for this barn to be over with! I keep thinking about the poor, starving miniaturists out there who would love to have this project!
      It doesn't help that I got my order from Shapeways yesterday! Everything I've made so far has been with the Alki Point project in mind. I just want to start on it so badly, but I just have my little dining room as my work space so I can only have one project going at a time. :0(
      I have finished reading every post from your blog. I am so sad, because I've enjoyed reading it so much! It's both entertaining, and educational! PLEASE, please post more often! Your fans are waiting eagerly!