Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Some Exciting Things On The Horizon...

Even though the weather outside is dull, grey, and sad, there are some exciting things on the horizon! I think if you are prone to seasonal depression, like me, you have to keep yourself busy and looking forward!

Things are really progressing on the barn project, and as it gets closer to completion, it's character is really starting to show! My daughter's fiance is always really surprised and excited when he sees the progress. He's a very linear thinking engineering student, so it's hard for him to visualize my ideas. He has to see it, and when he does it's really fun to see his reaction! I keep trying to get him to build a project with me. I think someday he might just be open to it!

I've finished building the front deck and stairs. Once I studied a little about deck building and realized that it was just a matter of following steps, I decided to go ahead and make a smaller deck balcony for the french doors off the bedroom.

Deck Railing
Constructing The Balcony
I still need to finish it up. I've been patiently letting the glue dry before moving to the next step. I did my best to replicate them in miniature. I pre-drilled holes and then used sewing pins in addition to glue to secure everything. After a little wood filler and sanding, I plan to stain them.

Once I had the entry deck built I traced the profile onto the house. This was so I'd know where not to put rocks. The fieldstone is all installed and varnished, and just needs its grout. I think I will put the grout in an old glue bottle and just squeeze it carefully in between the rocks. I've done real life tile grout and I want to control the mess!

The 3D miniatures I designed for my next project - Alki Point, are on their way from Shapeways. One order should be delivered tomorrow, and then the second sometime in the first week of November (if there are no production issues with my designs). I haven't ever done a really modern type of project, so it's been fun to design the pieces for it!

I am using two of the Asahi Teahouse kits from  Greenleaf's 2012 Spring Fling contest. The kits just arrived in the mail today! This will be the first tab and slot kit I have done since the late 80's, and I am really looking forward to a project without the challenges of bashing and lighting MDF.

All of the hard to overcome challenges I've had to deal with on the barn project have been as a direct result of my poor planning. Boy have I learned my lesson! I am doing all I can to pre-plan for the Alki Piont project. I really hope that I remember everything ahead of time, and that I have an easier time bashing!

I want to thank all of you that have been reading my blog and sending me such nice emails. It is really humbling to be touched by all of the kindness that exists in the hearts of folks who share this passion. Just think how far we've all come with our knowledge and skills now that we share a global consciousness in our community. Truly remarkable!


  1. Looking forward to your Teahouse project! Your barn is amazing! Great decks by the way. Sometimes, even with planning a project goes down a road you didn't see coming. I was going to build the Greenleaf Village as cute little Christmas houses...but the minions had other ideas! LOL!

    1. Thanks so much, Debra! You are so encouraging! In your case, doing a Minion village was such a fun detour! I can't wait to see them all!