Monday, October 5, 2015

Quick and Cost Saving Paint Sample Tip

Many of you may already know this because I am usually the last to know or find out. Could it be that I am fiercely independent and don't usually resort to asking for help first? Likely, but I just found an inexpensive and convenient way to order paint online. Free delivery, no traffic, no parking lots and no crowds? Sign me up!

I went to the Home Depot web site to start narrowing down the color choices for the exterior of the barn. I went to the Paint category, then the Interior paint section. I was delighted with what I found!

 It the search results window, there were several drop down menus to narrow the search. I chose the Blue paint color category, then selected Free Shipping To Home under the How To Get It menu, then typed in $0 to $5 in the Price Range menu, and then sorted by Price Low To High in the Sort By menu.

This brought up all of the paints in the blue color family, that offer free to home shipping and that offer the 8oz sample paint for $1.94. Now all there was to do was choose a color!

I went with a flat, matte BEHR sample called Waterscape. I got 4- 8oz samples for $8.37 including tax. The quart prices start at $12.98, so I saved $4.61! If you can wait 8 days (mine says it will arrive 10/13), this might also be a good solution for you.

I hope this information will make someone's day like finding it made mine!

*** UPDATE***

The sample paint arrived one day early. It was packaged well, a band of tape to seal the jars, then packed inside zip top bags.

havanahholly on the GreenLeaf blog pointed out that your computer monitor might mislead you on the actual color. That is a good point to consider if you are looking for something very specific.

In my case, a warm and country looking blue was all I was after. I brushed on a patch and I think it will work out perfectly for me! I am very pleased!

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