Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Be Careful What You Wish For...

I was drooling into my coffee cup this morning, reading blog posts and looking at photos from NancyLand. She mentioned and left a link for Skillshare. They are a place for creative types who want to share and learn from other creators via online classes and tutorials! What an amazing tip! Thanks Nancy!

I signed up for the free version, to test the waters before I go diving in. I watched a short writing tutorial on how to create a fable. Very interesting, and it reminded me of a story I heard as a child.


Once upon a time there was a curious and precocious little boy named Fred. Fred often wandered the seaside shore near his home looking for lost treasure that had washed up on the beach. He'd pick up rocks, shells, old bottles and all the while sing his favorite jingles.

One day, as Fred was looking off at a distant ship, he tripped over something. To his amazement, it was a sort of teapot. He'd seen similar looking pieces in the antique store window. Fred set to work with his jacket rubbing off the dirt and grime to reveal solid, shimmering gold and delicate, beautiful etching. He was so excited and happy at his new plunder!

Suddenly, white smoke began to rise from the the long, narrow pour spout. The metal lid clambered as if something inside were about to explode! Fred dropped the teapot and took a giant step backwards! He could not believe his eyes!

A shape began to emerge from the now opened top. As if materializing from smoke, there before him stood a Genie! As if right from the pages of his adventure books! Lavish amethyst silk seemed to pillow and flutter around the intimidating figure. At once, in a thundering voice, the genie said "Thank you young man for delivering me from my wretched tomb! I have not but breathed the fresh air in mellennia! As is customary, I shall grant you three wishes".

Fred was dumbstruck! He rubbed his eyes, yet still the powerful figure appeared!
"You mean, you are going to grant me three wishes?" Fred replied. "Anything I want?".

"Yes, of course" said the Genie. "That is what I do. I must warn you though, think very carefully before you answer. Once it's said, a wish cannot be taken back."

Fred could not believe his luck! A million things were running through his head! Immediately, he decided "For wish one, I'd like to have a red wagon with lots of room for collecting stuff I find on the beach."

Poof! Instantly, a shiny new red wagon appeared. "Wow!" said Fred. That's awesome!"

The Genie asked "Have you given consideration to your remaining two wishes? I'd like to hurry this along, as I have much to catch up on."

Fred asked "What happens if I can't decide right away?"

The Genie replied "That means I'll have to stay with you until the third wish releases me from my obligation."

Fred asked "Even if it takes me 20 years to decide?"

"Yes" the Genie replied impatiently.

Inside, Fred had decided to only make one more wish right away. That way, he'd still have one left and the Genie would have to stay with him. He sure wanted to show off the Genie to the kids in school!

"Okay," Fred said. "I wish for all of my homework to be finished for the next year."

Poof! A one foot stack of papers appeared in the wagon - Fred's completed homework assignments for the next year.

"Wow mister! That's pretty neat!" Fred Said "But I can't really decide on the last wish just yet. Could you just come home with me while I think about it?"

"Oh, of course" said the Genie, losing patience.

Fred carefully placed the pot holding the genie into the wagon and began to pull it home. He still could not believe his luck! Was he going to wish for a million dollars with his last wish? He could sure buy a lot of toys with that. Or maybe a ship to sail the world.

As he happily continued to ponder the possibilities, he began to sing "I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener..."


The End


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