Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Fun Part

I'll tell ya, a few weeks back, when all I was encountering with the barn was one difficult problem to solve after another, I was worried that my enthusiasm for this project would wane, and I'd lose interest completely. I have been known to do this kind of thing in the past. Luckily, as soon as I started to pull out some of the things I'd already made, and also the materials to make the other things I'd envisioned for the barn, my excitement came back!

Here, I have permanently installed the sink unit, stool and rug.

One of the projects I'd planned to make for the barn kitchen was a no sew apron. I found a life sized pattern on a Google search, imported it into Publisher, re sized the pattern to 1/12th scale, then layered a fabric pattern (also found Googling) underneath. I have been holding onto a package of ink jet fabric sheets for a few months, and finally I had a reason to try them!

Here is the finished apron. You can see in the pattern photo that I printed extra material to make the pocket, and a matching color for the ties and neck strap. In Publisher, you can sample a color from any pattern so that it matches perfectly for the ties. I brushed fabric glue onto the material, then folded in half lengthwise, then attached to the main apron body. For the pocket, I just glued a seam all of the way around, then attached to the apron. I brushed a bit of the fabric glue all around the edges of the apron to prevent fraying.

Here is the apron hanging on the hook in the kitchen. I just want to shrink myself  down to five inches so I can wear it and cook in this little kitchen!

The fridge and cabinets are fully stocked with everything a little person could ever need in a kitchen!

I didn't want to waste the fabric paper, so I decided to make art prints for the bedroom at the same time. I found several different species of fir trees on the web, then gave them background color and frames also in Publisher. I just measured the outside and inside frame dimensions, then used this conversion chart to convert from fraction to decimal. I entered the decimal numbers into the frame properties in Publisher.

Printing on the fabric paper really gave the tree prints a nice finish - very similar to canvas. This technique is going to be awesome for other artwork in future projects!

I cut out card stock to mount the fabric paper prints onto. This made it so that it was very easy to then mount them to the frames.

I got the frames from when my generous daughter gave me a gift certificate for Mother's Day. I thought giving them a coat of metallic glaze would work nicely to match the other metal finishes in the barn. I like the way they turned out.

Here they are mounted in the bedroom. That bed is looking awfully comfy about now, and I'd like to get in it and take a nap!

The dresser is ready for little clothing. Maybe I'll make some little socks!

I'm not quite sure what I'll start on next. Probably the living room sofa and chair. I'll be using the method from One Inch Minis along with a couple House of Miniatures kits.

But first, that nap is sounding really good, and I know this guy is ready to snuggle!

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