Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cleaning Really Makes A Mess!

Sadly, I have not been able to touch my mini projects in the last few days. Except to dust and clean them...

Knowing that we are hosting the surprise 70th birthday party for my aunt Jackie, I decided that my house really needed a deep cleaning. The kind where you pull out the washer and dryer to vacuum and mop, and where you actually pull all of the stuff off shelves and clean them rather than just dusting.

When this kind of thing comes over me, I tend to jump right into the rabbit hole. I decide to move stuff around to get behind and clean it. Then I paint myself into a corner because then I have to find a place for the stuff I'm replacing. My house is very full of stuff. And I thought it was so roomy when we had it built!

In the last two days, I have managed to get the front hall, staircase and landing, laundry and powder rooms finished. Today, I'll be lucky to get the living and dining/minis room finished.

Tomorrow, I may get the kitchen done. I have to pull everything off of the cabinet tops to wash. I also have to clean the fridge and freezer. I also have to oil all of the cabinets. I also have to clean the blinds and window. I also have to deep clean the wood floors. Oh sheesh! The kitchen might take until Monday!

That still leaves the family room, not to mention the entire upstairs! Which includes 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, and a loft.

Georgie and Rusty don't seem like they are too interested in helping.

Wish. Me. Luck. I hope my body holds out!


  1. Wait - Jodi - you're holding out on us. In the picture with your sweet beagle appears another mini house! I haven't seen that one yet! It looks fabulous. I love the siding and the rock wall finish. Would like to see more of it. :-) - Marilyn D.

    1. I would never hide any minis from you! I love sharing way too much!
      That is the right side of Encounters Gifts and Grub. It was the first foray into miniatures again after my 9 year hiatus. There's a tab at the top of the blog where I posted the photos I took during construction. Unfortunately, I did not have a good camera at the time. I really need to take it out into the sunshine and get new completed photos. It was so much fun to do!